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Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) and (Visual Culture)

This degree offers a choice of two single majors: BA (Fine Art) or BA (Visual Culture). Students may choose to study both single majors to obtain the BA (Fine Art) and (Visual Culture).

If you would like to explore the full breadth of art practice including theory and history, combining the two majors into a BA (Fine Art) and (Visual Culture) is highly recommended. The combination of these degrees will offer you broad experience in visual arts , theory and practice. You will have access to an online learning resource area which includes an art image database, examples of artwork presentations for assessment and technical advice. These degrees are delivered fully online.

If you aspire to become a professional artist and want to contribute to the artistic, aesthetic and social needs of our society, the Fine Art major may suit you. The Fine Art major draws upon the diverse and complex traditions of Fine Art and calls for a high degree of self-discipline, a capacity for self-criticism and dedication to the demanding profession of being an artist. This degree aims to produce highly accomplished and knowledgeable graduates able to contribute to the artistic, aesthetic and social needs of contemporary society.

In the Visual Culture major students explore the history and theories of art and learn to critically evaluate how art informs our world. Students are also trained in practices of seeing and representation through technical and intuitive skills based in drawing.

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