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Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences)

The Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) from RMIT University allows you to explore the molecular level of living systems from which you can devise strategies to solve important practical problems.

Bioscience and biotechnology are shaping the environment and food supply, ensuring that all living things can survive and live more safely. Drawing on core science areas such as genetics, biological chemistry and microbiology this degree is taught by researchers at the leading edge of industry practice.

The degree is designed for those who wish to pursue careers in biological sciences and provide a biology specialisation for intending teachers.

You will develop the necessary ecological knowledge to deal with complex systems using modern biotechnological techniques. The degree covers ecology, ecotoxicology, marine biology and aquaculture, environmental biotechnology diagnostics and molecular agriculture. Through your studies you will develop core knowledge and techniques in plant and animal identification along with molecular biology, genetics, biological chemistry and microbiology.

Please note: Some subjects in this degree require you to attend laboratory sessions in Melbourne.

RMIT University
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