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If you're serious about boosting your career options or taking your learning to the next level, an accredited online qualification through Open Universities Australia is the way to go.

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Bachelor of Arts

The Murdoch University Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate award which normally requires 3 years of full-time study or part-time equivalent. In your first year of study you will develop the essential skills of critical thinking, research, evaluation and reflection. You will continue to apply and develop these skills throughout your degree. You will gain in-depth knowledge of your chosen specialisation in your Major subjects.

Your first year (Part I) consists of a combination of Major subjects (Core), a Transition subject (Core), a Breadth subject (Core), specified electives and your choice of general elective subjects. Years two and three (Part II) of your degree comprise the balance of your degree and consists of the Major subjects (which give you the in-depth knowledge of your chosen specialisation), Research Skills subjects (Core), Breadth Subjects (Core) and your own choice of general elective subjects.

The four Majors that Murdoch University offers through OUA enable you to develop expertise in in Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism; International Aid and Development; Community Development; and Sustainable Development. You can choose to study a single major or combine two for a double major.

Murdoch University
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Bachelor of Arts

Be prepared for a future career as an innovator, communicator and creator. With our innovative majors you can tailor your degree to both your professional pursuits and your personal interests, creating a unique skill set that could help you secure your dream job.

You will gain the understanding, insight and skill to find and communicate creative solutions to important world issues. You will develop advanced writing and presentation skills as well as research and project management skills. You will also learn about societies and cultures, past and present.

You will have the option to develop specialist expertise in contemporary fields such as journalism and public relations, or more traditional fields such as sociology, history and literary studies to name some.

Griffith University

Bachelor of Behavioural Studies

The Bachelor of Behavioural Studies from Swinburne University of Technology is structured to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills across a variety of study areas. This breadth of knowledge is complemented by focusing the content so that students who complete the degree are better equipped to understand and explain human behaviour. Compared to the APAC accredited Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology), the Bachelor of Behavioural Studies places less emphasis on advanced statistical studies, laboratory assessments and report writing.

Degree degrees which include psychological studies are valued in the Australian workplace and as a result, many industries are seeking employees with qualifications in psychology.

The Psychological Studies major in this degree offers a broad introduction to basic psychological elements and concepts. Students can include a co-major in Sociology or minor specialisations in the areas of Statistics, Sociology, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Indigenous Studies, Marketing and Criminology.

This degree is not accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

Swinburne University of Technology
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