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If you're serious about boosting your career options or taking your learning to the next level, an accredited online qualification through Open Universities Australia is the way to go.

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Bachelor of Arts (International Aid and Development)

Lead the way in humanitarian best practices with this degree focusing on community level development programs, poverty reduction, sustainability, and the role our Asia-Pacific region plays in the world.

Murdoch University
Health & Medicine

Bachelor of Arts (Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism)

This Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism degree was the first of its kind in Australia and is designed to provide you with an understanding of global security and terrorism concerns. The degree seeks to assess historical and contemporary issues of security and terrorism and questions the understanding and responses to these occurrences. Putting this in a contemporary setting allows us the opportunity and skills to question security and terrorism in today's world so that we can seek to address these issues and learn how to solve these complex questions.

Murdoch University
Arts & Humanities

Bachelor of Security Studies

The Bachelor of Security Studies is structured around three key themes: the contemporary security environment, the range of options available to governments and businesses to manage and respond to security challenges, and emerging and ongoing challenges to security. The program emphasises both analytical skills and creativity in responding to new and complex challenges.

Macquarie University