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Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law)

Curtin University offers an opportunity for students to study a business law major as part of the Bachelor of Commerce degree. Students will examine the processes by which law is created, changed and applied to business and government. In this major you will gain a foundation in business law and develop significant knowledge of torts, real property, trusts and trade practices. This degree also provides students with the capacity to gain an understanding of contract law, company law, taxation law, industrial law, intellectual property law and trade practices law.

Curtin University

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Bachelor of Security Studies

The program focuses on security, risks and policy responses in today’s society. It includes risk analysis, strategic planning, intelligence, emergency response and national resilience. The curriculum has been designed in consultation with major industry stakeholders from the public and private sectors. It combines academic conceptual skills with vocational skills in security analysis. Core subjects focus on security concepts and issues and applying analytical tools to contemporary policy challenges.

The Bachelor of Security Studies is structured around three key themes: the contemporary security environment, the range of options available to governments and businesses to manage and respond to security challenges, and emerging and ongoing challenges to security. The program emphasises both analytical skills and creativity in responding to new and complex challenges.

Being a Macquarie student means you aren’t restricted to picking subjects from just one field. You’re encouraged to extend your educational scope. Students are required to complete a People and Planet subject to meet the requirement of their Macquarie degree. This holistic approach to education encourages you to take subjects out of interest and curiosity. In some cases these areas of study digress from your career path, but doing these subjects make things interesting. We provide a list of People and Planet subjects as a guide, which makes it easy for every student to choose outside of their required study plan. People subjects are specifically designed to focus on the social world and develop socio-cultural literacy. While Planet subjects are more focused on developing scientific literacy and an understanding of the physical world.

Macquarie University