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Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications)

The Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications) provides you with an opportunity to learn in detail about the human dimensions of the Internet: how people network, collaborate, and share information through Internet communications, media and design. You will develop advanced skills in creating, maintaining and managing online communications for personal and commercial interactions, as well as gaining knowledge of the social and cultural contexts within which those interactions occur.

The approach is interdisciplinary: you develop skills in website design, public communication, social network management, collaboration and web media production. At the same time you will understand the political, economic and social changes associated with the Internet.

By combining this course with recommended electives in media, design, business, information technology, marketing, and other disciplines, you will create the right degree program for you to become an astute, engaged professional communicator via the Internet.

Students may choose to study the following combinations of two single majors to obtain the double major award:

Internet Communications and Visual Culture
Internet Communications and Professional Writing & Publishing
Digital Design and Internet Communications
Fine Art and Internet Communications

Curtin University
Marketing & Advertising

Bachelor of Information Technology

Want to support and troubleshoot IT systems or design websites, business applications and program networks?

IT specialists select the right hardware and software products for an organisation. They also install, customise and provide ongoing maintenance for these applications.

Combining your knowledge of IT theory and practice with hands-on expertise, you will be able to develop an organisation’s technology infrastructure and support the people who use it.

RMIT University
Science & Technology

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