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If you're serious about boosting your career options or taking your learning to the next level, an accredited online qualification through Open Universities Australia is the way to go.

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Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications)

Businesses, governments and individuals rely on the internet to carry out their daily tasks. The internet has become a vital part of the way we live. Now imagine yourself becoming a key player in it all. The Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications) degree will help you develop the skills to build a successful and dynamic career. Subjects covered include online writing, social network management and online marketing. You will work with cutting-edge technology to develop advanced abilities in your chosen area of specialisation.

Curtin University
Marketing & Advertising

Bachelor of Information Technology

Want to support and troubleshoot IT systems or design websites, business applications and program networks? IT specialists select the right hardware and software products for an organisation. They also install, customise and provide ongoing maintenance for these applications. Combining your knowledge of IT theory and practice with hands-on expertise, you will be able to develop an organisation’s technology infrastructure and support the people who use it.

RMIT University
Science & Technology

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