Get rewards for your efforts

Lifelong learning is a journey of adventure and exploration . . . and you never know what you might find on your travels!

To provide some fun incentives, we've created a badges system to reward you for learning. Our badges are like medals that recognise your achievements.

Basically, the more badges you earn, the more you'll be seen as a leader in the community.

Badge categories


Earn campsite badges by keeping your campsite spick and span - keep your profile up to date!


Start exploring and sharing our subjects to earn exploration badges.


Participate in the Open2Study community to start earning village badges.


Treasure hunt badges require special skill and knowledge, and can be earned through studying.

All badges

Profile - Campsite badges

Create an Open 2 Study profile and you'll get the safari tent, so you'll always have a home base.

Either complete your profile or confirm your email address and you'll be cruising around in the camper van.

Complete your profile and also confirm your email address to move into the luxurious log cabin.

Add your social network sites to your profile and receive the exploration torch.

Social - Exploration badges


Share our subjects with the world to earn antique horns - all the better to broadcast!

Share once to earn the bronze antique horn.

Keep sharing to upgrade to the silver antique horn.

Still sharing? You might just discover the gold antique horn.

Community - Village badges


Take part in the community forum and classroom discussions to earn the quill of knowledge.

Ask a question, make a post or comment for your bronze quill of knowledge.

Keep participating to upgrade to the silver quill of knowledge.

Keep the conversation going to upgrade to the gold quill of knowledge.


Make our discussion boards and forum more useful by voting on and tagging posts and earn the ceremonial conch shell.

Tag or vote on a post to earn the bronze ceremonial conch shell.

Keep going to upgrade to the silver ceremonial conch shell.

Still improving our forums? You could get your gold ceremonial conch shell!


Have some good advice? If it's appreciated in the forums and discussions you'll earn the Peruvian shaman badge.

Get an up-vote on one of your posts for the bronze Peruvian shaman.

More up-votes? Then you get the silver Peruvian shaman!

If people keep voting your posts up you could reach the gold Peruvian shaman badge!

Community all-rounder.

Get involved, participate in discussions, vote on posts and earn the discovery signpost.

Earn the other community badges for the bronze discovery signpost.

Upgrade all your community badges to upgrade to the silver discovery signpost!

Keep getting involved and you may achieve the gold discovery signpost.

Learning - Treasure hunt badges


Build your knowledge and receive the key of enlightenment for watching all videos in a subject.

Watch your first video to earn the bronze key of enlightenment.

Watch 40 videos for your silver key of enlightenment.

Watch 80 videos, and you'll earn the gold key of enlightenment.


You will earn a precious jewel for passing your quizzes. Take more quizzes to unlock more jewels.

Pass your first quiz and unlock the rare emerald.

Pass 40 quizzes to unlock the precious ruby.

Pass 80 quizzes, and you'll unlock the priceless diamond!


Attempt your assessments to earn the quest coin - as you take more assessments, you'll start upgrading your coin.

Attempt your first assessment to earn the bronze quest coin.

Attempt four assessments to upgrade to the silver quest coin.

Attempt eight assessments to uncover the gold quest coin.

Learning all-rounder.

Watch all videos, take all quizzes and assessments to earn the rare papyrus map.

Earn the other learning badges for the bronze papyrus map.

Upgrade all your learning badges to upgrade to the silver papyrus map!

Keep studying and you may achieve the gold papyrus map.

Didn't get a quiz right on the first go? Ask for a hint, and earn the slingshot when you get it right.

The crown jewels are extremely valuable, only granted if you get 100% on all quizzes in a subject.

Aztec coins are very rare, only granted if you get 100% on your assessments.

Pass your subject and you will discover a new lost treasure.