Open2Study for Career Advice & Counsellors

Open2Study for Career Counsellors

What is Open2Study?

Open2Study provides free, specialised short courses that are delivered entirely online. We offer 49 courses in a variety of subject areas that are provided by leading Australian universities, such as Macquarie University, RMIT, Swinburne University, University of Wollongong, Griffith University and many more.

Open2Study is an initiative of Open Universities Australia, an Australian leader in accredited online education, so you can trust it will bring you the best in online learning, with four-week introductory courses.

Since opening in 2013, Open2Study has over 760,000 students from 241 countries with over 1,425,000 enrolments in 48 different courses.

Unlike other massive open online course (MOOC) providers, Open2Study is 100% free with introductory, university-level short courses. This makes it suitable for a range of users, from high school or VET students, to professionals looking for a career change.

Open2Study also features one of the highest completion rates for MOOCs worldwide, due to the ease of use and the engaging, high quality content.

How can Open2Study help with a career decision?

Sample different career options

The combination of flexible start dates, various subject areas and short, free courses is the perfect mix to allow students to get a taste of a particular area before choosing a university degree or career path. In fact, in a survey we conducted, 1 in 4 respondents stated that completing an Open2Study course helped them decide on or confirm their interest in a particular area of study or career path.

Prepare for university study

Most importantly, our courses can help to reduce the daunting first impressions of university study. In our survey, 3 in 5 respondents said their Open2Study course helped them to prepare and understand what to expect for accredited study.

Learn transferable skills

Open2Study also offers courses that teach transferable skills, such as Negotiation and Leadership. These skills will be useful no matter what industry the student may be interested in.

Experience online study

In addition to this, students will be able to experience and get the hang of studying online, which, in this age of technology, is essential whether they decide to study on campus or online. The opportunity to engage with a Learning Management System without the pressure of potential academic or financial penalties is invaluable. In the survey, 1 in 3 said Open2Study helped them to gain the confidence to study online.

A Resource for Career Counsellors

Open2Study is completely free and there is no obligation, so it can simply be used as a tool for any of the benefits listed above. To get started, all you would need to do is browse through the 48 free courses choose one (or more) and click 'Enrol now'.

You can share the link on your website, intranet, social media platforms, newsletter, bulletin or notice boards or in any medium you prefer. It's easy to share Open2Study with anyone looking at different career options, but to make it even easier, we've included some downloadable resources below, as well as some ideas on how/where it can be used.

Downloadable resources

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Print or store electronically for a quick reference to available courses and an overview of what will be learnt.


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  • Test the waters before choosing a degree or career path with a free, online course through Open2Study. Enrol now:
  • An initiative of Open Universities Australia, Open2Study brings you the best in online learning with 49 free, short courses. Whether you want to sample different career options, prepare for university study, learn transferable skills or experience online study, it’s a great resource for you or your clients. Enrol today:

Further information and contact

For detailed information on how Open2Study works, please see our How It Works page, and for frequently asked questions, see our Help page. Alternatively, you can contact us through the orange 'Feedback' button in the bottom, right-hand corner of our website or by clicking here.