Course dates 2017

Open2Study 2017 Key Dates


Enrolment Dates                               Courses Run

5th December – 23rd January                                             9th January – 7th February

23rd January – 27th February                                             13th February - 14th March

27th February – 3rd April                                                    20th March – 18th April

3rd April – 8th May                                                             24th April – 23rd May

8th May – 12th June                                                           29th May – 27th June

12th June – 17th July                                                         3rd July – 1st August

17th July – 21st August                                                      7th August – 5th September

21st August – 11th September                                          11th September – 10th October

12th September – 30th October                                        16th October – 14th November

30th October – 4th of December                                       20th November – 19th December


** All final assessments must be completed and submitted prior to the course finishing at 11:55pm AEDST

*** For more information on how Open2Study works please see the help page