How it works

Getting started with Open2Study

For technical support and detailed advice on studying with us, check out our Help page.

Sign up

You can create an account from scratch, or sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Don’t worry about us bombarding your social media networks with posts – we won’t do that.

If you do want to create a brand new profile, all you need is a username, an email address and a password.

Pick a course (or two)

Have a look through our courses on the Free Courses page. There are 49 to choose from, all free (with a free certificate of successful completion) and all run over four weeks. Everything you need to complete the course, including videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts and your classmates are accessed in a single, easy-to-use online classroom.

Say hello

While you wait for your course to start, add some detail to your profile so your classmates can find out a bit about you. You can visit the classroom as soon as you enrol, even if the course hasn’t yet started, so there’s plenty of time to log in to the online classroom and introduce yourself to your classmates.

You can even use the social links in My Study Centre to invite your friends to join you.

Get started

Once your course begins, you’ll receive a notification in My Study Centre, and an email, reminding you that you can now get started. You don't need to be online at a particular time, so don't worry if you are in another time zone. You can access your course at a time that is convenient for you. At any time, you can view all of your current courses via My Study Centre.

Set your plan

Within the classroom for each course, you can see a run-down of the topics covered in each of the four modules. All of the content will be available from the moment the course begins, with one assessment opening each week, for the four weeks. The assessments all stay open until the course closes.

You can add reminders for your course to your Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar by clicking on the ‘Show Modules’ link beneath the course in My Study Centre, then clicking on the appropriate calendar icon.

In the classroom

You can get to your classroom by clicking the ‘Go to Classroom’ button next to the appropriate course in My Study Centre. Within your classroom, you’ll find everything you need to complete the course.

Modules and Topics

Each course is divided into four modules, designed to be studied over the course of a week. Each module is divided into up to ten topics, covering a different aspect of the overall module theme. At the end of each topic, you’ll receive a multiple-choice pop quiz, or a simulator exercise, to help you test your learning. The pop quizzes and simulators don’t contribute to your final grade – they’re just there for you.


Each module ends with an assessment of the information covered in that module. The assessments open one at a time, each week, and stay open until the end of the course.

You get three attempts at every assessment, and we’ll record the highest of your three scores. Once your final grade is recorded, we’ll show you what you got right and what you got wrong, so you know exactly how you went. You need an overall grade average of at least 60% to pass the course. Even if you miss an assessment, you’ll still pass the course if your average of the four assessments is 60% or above.

Certificate of Achievement

If your average score for a course is at least 60%, you'll receive a FREE Certificate of Achievement once the course finishes.

While this certificate isn't a formal qualification from your educator, you can use it to demonstrate your interest in and passion for a certain course to potential employers, universities, and other educational institutions.

To download your certificate, go to My Study Centre, then click the Completed Courses tab, scroll to the course for which you want a certificate, then click the links to download. Certificates are only available after the course ends, even if you complete the course requirements before the end date.

The forum

Each week, a member of Open2Study’s Social Learning and Community Team will post a question or a discussion topic in the classroom forum. To comment with your thoughts, just click the comments link at the bottom of the post, type your response and click the Comment button.

To post your own question, simply click the New Post button at the top of the forum, select any tags you may wish to use, type your content and click the Add Post button.

It may seem daunting to join in the conversation, but we find that the students who get the most out of our courses are the students who are the most involved. You may find that some of your classmates have been pondering the same thing you have.

Make sure you check out The Rules in our Help page, so you are familiar with the forum use guidelines.


You can connect with your classmates to hold a private conversation and follow what they’re up to. Just click on their username in the classroom and then click the Connect button on their profile.


You can get a quick overview of what your connections are up by visiting the activity feed in My Study Centre. You’ll also see any replies to your forum posts and comments.

End of the course

Once the course finishes, you will be able to download a certificate of achievement, along with your final grades, via My Study Centre. You can then share your achievement, by updating your Education profile on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. If you want to revisit the course videos or are still working through the further readings list, you can continue to access your classroom from the Completed Courses list in My Study Centre.

Continue the conversation

Just because you’ve finished your course, doesn’t mean we’ve seen enough of you. Join us across social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn – for more updates on what is happening at Open2Study and to let us know how your Open2Study experience has helped you. You can also join our Google+ Community, for a forum-away-from-the-forum experience, to further extend your social learning, share images, videos, links and comments.

Choose your next course

Our courses run every five weeks, so there’s never long to wait before finding another excuse to expand your mind.