Code of Ethics

The Open2Study Code of Ethics has been provided for a clear understanding of the expectations and obligations we expect from persons who participate in Open2Study Courses with regard to personal and academic conduct. All persons participating in Open2Study Courses are expected to comply with the requirements set down in the Open2Study Code of Ethics for the duration of their participation.

  1. You will behave honestly, ethically and professionally in all of your dealings with us.

  2. You will maintain the highest ethical standards of academic integrity in any academic work that you submit for an Open2Study Course. You acknowledge that you have a responsibility to appropriately acknowledge the contribution of others in all such work and to recognise that plagiarism, cheating, collusion, fraud, fabrication and falsifications of data are not acceptable.

  3. You acknowledge that you have a responsibility to treat all members of our staff and the student community on the Open2Study Website with respect and courtesy regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social background, disability, sexual preference or religious beliefs or custom. You agree that you have a responsibility to value the diversity of our staff and the student community and to respect the rights of others to hold and express a range of viewpoints, and to express views with due consideration for the feelings of others and understanding of relevant ethical and cultural implications.

  4. You will not engage in threatening, harassing, discriminatory or bullying behaviour towards our staff or other students (including online communications) and you understand that if you do, you may be liable for criminal prosecution and/or civil action.