Bachelor of Arts (Digital Design)

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The Digital Design major allows you to experience the exciting, creative fields within digital design and interactive media.
This major provides you with a comprehensive theory and practice-based education in digital design, focusing on key principles and techniques in website design, user interaction / experience design (UI/UX) and app design. You will use digital technologies to develop forward-thinking and innovative design solutions to real-world problems.
The major has a strong industry and design research focus, and you will work on real-world projects, facilitated by experienced staff and industry specialists. There is emphasis on concept generation, creative problem-solving, aesthetics and advanced technical skills in digital technologies using the latest digital production software.
Students may choose to study the following combinations of two single majors to obtain the double major award:

Digital Design and Fine Art
Digital Design and Internet Communications
Digital Design and Professional Writing & Publishing
Digital Design and Visual Culture

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Curtin University

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The Art of Photography