Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

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This degree prepares you to solve business problems in the global marketplace and understand complexity in operations, logistics and supply chain industries. A broad-based curriculum in the degree covers the design and management of supply chain practices such as inventory planning, procurement, production operations, transportation, distribution, warehousing, retail services, global logistics and supply chain technologies.

Teaching and learning approaches for this degree may include: online learning activities, problem-based learning, assignments, projects, and communications with industry professionals. The types of assessment used in the degree may involve formal examinations, assignments, case studies, projects, and online tests.

The degree includes two capstone subjects Supply Chain Management Strategy, and Operations Management.This capstone experience will give you the opportunity to critically reflect on and consolidate your theoretical and practical learning in this degree.

After successfully completing the degree you will be eligible to work as a professional in a number of industrial sectors including: aviation, automobile, computing, manufacturing, mining, retailing, shipping, global, transport, distribution and warehousing. Job functions include procurement, inventory planning, operations management, operations research, and event organisations in both private and public sectors.

Level of Study: 

RMIT University

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Principles of Project Management