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May 9, 2024

With the scope of virality that comes with YouTube shorts, it’s only natural for your brand to invest in the most helpful YouTube shorts course in 2024.

But how do you choose the best? After all, just one Google search provides tens and hundreds of courses to choose from.

I will make your job easier by selecting courses that deal with prompts and hooks in subjects like editing. I experimented with free and paid courses, which have tremendously helped me improve my clients’ numbers. 

Plus, I also got several ideas related to click-worthy thumbnails and reducing my time by using AI. 

Let me help you pick the right YouTube shorts course without investing hours of your time.

List of 6 YouTube Shorts Courses (Free + Paid)

These courses are my top 6 picks that are highly valuable and can help you make better YouTube shorts.

Sr. No CoursePlatformPrice
1How to create VIRAL YouTube Shorts that GROW your ChannelSkillshare$29 (Per Month)
2The Shorts Film School: YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok+Udemy$29.99 (Per Month)
3How to create YouTube Shorts that STAND OUT! Step-by-Step Guide!Skillshare$29 (Per Month)
4YouTube Shorts Masterclass: Viral Strategies for GrowthSean Cannell Courses$47 (Discounted)
5How To Make A Voice Over For A YouTube Short! | YouTube Shorts That Stand OutYouTubeFree
6YouTube Shorts Tutorial For Beginners [Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos]YouTubeFree

I prepared the list based on 2 important factors:

  • Value addition
  • Cost-effectiveness

The course that gave me the most value, based on the time I dedicated and the money invested, got its sweet spot on the top.

1. How To Create VIRAL YouTube Shorts That GROW Your Channel!

From writing your perfect YouTube scripts to understanding in depth what makes a YouTube short go viral, this course covers it all.

YouTube Shorts Course - Viral Shorts
Source: Screenshot from Skillshare

You shouldn’t be learning from someone who can’t implement their own learnings, and Ben Rowlands, the course teacher, has already mastered that art. His videos have over 400,000,000 views on all his social media platforms and about 4,00,000 subscribers.

This one is great for understanding consumer psychology and implementing what you have learned in the scripts.

Course link: How to create viral YouTube Shorts

Things you will learn: 

Are YouTube Shorts right for your channel
How to write the perfect YouTube script
How to edit a YouTube Short (In 2 parts)
How to film a YouTube Short
What makes YouTube Short go viral

Price: To access this course, you need to subscribe to Skillshare, which costs $29 per month. You can also look out for the free trial in the first month.

2. The Shorts Film School: YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok+

In almost 7 hours, this course provides a step-by-step guide on how you can ideate your videos, script them, and produce them, depending on the budget. They provide some really great ideas related to the content of those videos based on virality and niche.

YouTube Shorts Course - The Shorts Film School
Source: Screenshot from Udemy

If you are stuck somewhere with how to switch from long-form content to a combination of short-form and long-form, you will learn a lot about the mindset of the people. 

As they suggest multi-purposing the content on TikTok and reels, you will see what’s different in the strategies and expectations of these platforms.

Course link: The Shorts Film School: YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok+

Things you will learn: 

What is needed to make good Shorts
How to properly research for your videos
How to film for each platform (Theory)
How to produce the videos
How to plan your channel growth

Price: Access the course by getting a monthly Udemy subscription at $29.99.

3. How To Create YouTube Shorts That STAND OUT! Step-By-Step Guide!

Another course from Ben Rowlands on Skillshare! With about 5 Million subscribers on YouTube, this is the guy to listen to.

He talks about how having the same quality as TikTok on YouTube Shorts didn’t work for his audience and what all he needed to do to, as he says, STAND OUT. He talks about how to ace the vertical video format in this sort of niche and what differences come if you are switching to this style of video making.

How To Create YouTube Shorts
Source: Screenshot from Skillshare

It is like the next stage after taking his first course. The familiarity helps; if you have taken your Skillshare membership already, you wouldn’t want to miss out on his secrets.

Course link: How to create YouTube Shorts that STAND OUT! Step-by-Step Guide!

Things you will learn:

How to make a YouTube Shorts video.
How do you edit your footage and organize it?
How to edit high-quality footage (Without losing out on quality)
How to add voiceovers.
Things to take care of before uploading your videos.

Price: Access this course with your Skillshare membership, which is worth $29 monthly.

4. How To Create YouTube Shorts That STAND OUT! Step-By-Step Guide!

I learned about Sean Cannell through Think Media Podcast’s video, “A Look Inside a $10M  YouTube Business With Sean Cannell,” and I knew his course would be worth it. (You can check the video here

How To Create YouTube Shorts That STAND OUT
Source: YouTube Shorts Masterclass

While it’s the most expensive course on this list, it cannot be ignored.

His own experiences related to how he crafts his videos, what he keeps in his mind, and how he maintains his brand voice are all helpful to you in finding your own voice. 

This course will also help you connect with and build your audience through YouTube shorts.

Course link: How to create YouTube Shorts that STAND OUT! Step-by-Step Guide!

 Things you will learn:

Tricks every creator needs to know
How to measure success
How to “hack” the algorithm
Biggest mistakes that impact growth

Price: You can subscribe to the discounted price of $47. You will also get a resource guide and a chance to join his 1,000 subs club.

5. YouTube Shorts That Stand Out

Source: YouTube

Looking for another free course that delivers on its promises? I found this 9-video playlist that covers everything from SEO and Metadata to how to title videos that get clicks.

Abbey shows his step-by-step procedure for making his videos and gives everything he practices. If you are a small brand or a starting YouTuber, I recommend you watch this series as it’s no longer than an hour in total, and you will get hold of a few basic principles to keep in mind while scripting.

Course link: YouTube Shorts That Stand Out

Things you will learn:

How to make YouTube Short on the app
How to edit videos using DaVinci Resolve 17
How to add transitions and titles
How to make a voiceover
Best SEO practices for YouTube Shorts
Using Green Screen

Price: It’s free of cost.

6. YouTube Shorts Tutorial For Beginners [Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos]

Source: YouTube

Last but not least, how about another free course? If you are looking forward to automating YouTube Shorts and not giving hours to make them, this half-hour course is for you.

It’s short, effective, and delivers what it promises. He claimed he made $75,000 by automating this process, and his channel size testifies to that. You will find some great tips related to how you can save your time and money by eliminating the video-making process.

He even suggests some great niches. If you are still in the planning phase and trying to make money without too much effort into video making, give this one a try!

Course link: YouTube Shorts Tutorial For Beginners

Things you will learn:

How YouTube Short works
How to make money through YouTube Short
How to save time and money
How to get views quickly
How to build passive income
How to create YouTube shorts

Price: This course is completely free to take.

Final Thoughts: Full Viral YouTube Shorts Courses Is The Best Choice!

So here we go, the top 7 YouTube Shorts courses that deliver what they promise. Whether you wish to learn how to find the right hooks or utilize AI while making them, these courses deliver everything and leave no stone unturned.

My top 3 recommendations?

  • Full Viral YouTube Shorts Courses 2024: It tops the list because it helps integrate AI effectively while making YouTube Shorts videos and saves hours of your time.
  • How to Create Viral YouTube Videos: Ben’s profound experience in video making and his tips on channel growth are worth noting.
  • YouTube Shorts Tutorial: If video making doesn’t appeal to you, this half-hour course is truly a goldmine for understanding how some channels are growing without doing that.

No matter which course you take, making YouTube Shorts is necessary if you are on that platform. I suggest starting them and building your vision as your channel grows. The results can be remarkable!

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