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April 2, 2024

Here’s a well-researched and carefully curated list of 50 EdTech Startups in 2024. I have also covered information on the investors and funding raised by these start-ups using reliable sources like Crunchbase.

Since the ed-tech field is booming and growing every minute, I have tried to include the newest and relevant edTech start-ups, using various reviews and ratings from trusted sources like Trust Pilot and G2 to bring you the best out of the best worldwide.

The EdTech start-up list keeps learners, teachers, entrepreneurs, and investors in mind to help them find promising and innovative edTech start-ups.

EdTech Startups- Top 10 Picks Based On Ratings

Here are the top 10 picks of 2024 and their rating.

EdTech StartupEdtech Startup TypeBest ForRating
1. QuizizzInteractive learning and gaming platformsSkill Assessment, Training, and School Students4.9 
2. NovakidLanguage learning platformsKids aged 4 to 12 to learn English4.8
3. Corporate Finance InstituteOnline learning providersFinance and Banking Professionals4.8
4. ServiceSkillsOnline learning providersCustomer Service Training, Communication skills, and Soft skills for employees4.8
5. Absorb LMSLearning Management PlatformOnboarding, Compliance Training, Employee Development, Hospital Training4.7
6. SpeexxLanguage learning platformsImproving communication skills and soft skills for corporations and institutions4.7
7. 360LearningLearning Management PlatformCorporate Training, HR4.6
8. LearnEdOnline studying and tutoring servicesPrivate Tutoring in Australia4.4
9. GoStudentOnline studying and tutoring servicesFree Homework Chat, 1-1 Video Tutoring for students in Germany4.3
10. EdverseInteractive learning and gaming platformsMetaverse Classrooms, Board rooms, and auditoriumNot Available

These top 10 are definitely killing it, but there are more startups that are thriving with their work. 

Let’s take a look at all the 50 EdTech startups below. 

1. Quizizz

Year of Conception2015
FounderAnkit Gupta & Deepak Joy Cheenath
Rating4.9 out of 5
Starting Price$600/ Year for 1 to 100 participants
Best ForSkill Assessment, Training, and School Students
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitequizizz.com
Image Source – Quizizz

Quizizz provides gamified quizzes and lessons that are a win-win for teachers (to teach more interactively) and students(to learn through games).

Located in California, this start-up has nine investors and has managed to raise $47M as of 2021. Quizizz also has a great user base of nearly 20 million people per month from diverse backgrounds, such as schools, offices, and individuals worldwide.

2. Novakid

Year of Conception2017
FounderDimitri Malin & Max (Maxim) Azarov
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting Price$8.9/ lesson for 12 months
Best ForKids aged 4 to 12 to learn English
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitenovakidschool.com
Image Source- Novakid

NovaKid helps children globally with live tutoring services and an AI-based curriculum at an affordable price.

NovaKid has its headquarters in San Francisco, USA, with more than 250 employees working towards helping the organization grow. They have raised $41.5M of total funding from 8 investors like Goopital and Owl Ventures.

3. Corporate Finance Institute

Year of Conception2016
FounderTimothy Vipond
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting Price$497
Best ForFinance and Banking Professionals
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/
Corporate Finance Institute
Image Source- Corporate Finance Institute

The lessons are short and easy to understand, which means a lot when the courses are to be made for complicated subjects like banking and finance. It has an intuitive design, making its UX great.

With its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)  has received funding of $48M so far. The two investors of CFI are Arthur Ventures and Elephant.

4. ServiceSkills

Year of Conception1983
FounderNancy Friedman
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting Price$3,490 for 15 users/ Year
Best ForCustomer Service Training, Communication skills, and Soft skills for employees
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://www.serviceskills.com/
Image Source- ServiceSkills

If you are wondering why a company from 1983 is listed for 2024, hear me out. ServiceSkills.com started in Missouri to help the customer service workforce develop soft skills and is now making efforts to go global.

These recent efforts to scale the business by bringing soft skill training courses online for bigger teams and offering certifications, licensing, and training solutions for big corporations and businesses make ServiceSkills.com a promising investment option.

5. Absorb LMS

Year of Conception2003
FounderMike Owens
Rating4.7 out of 5
Starting Price$800 per month
Best ForOnboarding, Compliance Training, Employee Development, Hospital Training
Edtech Company TypeLearning Management Platform
Company Websitehttps://www.absorblms.com/
Absorb LMS
Image Source- Absorb LMS

Absor has a flexible and scalable LMS that helps tutors and organizers conduct a course that is practical for its learners with the help of its robust tools and beautiful UX.

Absorb LMS has headquarters in Calgary, Canada, and is funded by Silversmith Capital Partners. It managed to raise $59M from a private equity round in 2017.

6. Speexx

Year of Conception2011
FounderArmin Hopp, Freddy Ertl & Jorg Koberling
Rating4.7 out of 5
Starting PriceGet a quote
Best ForImproving communication skills and soft skills for corporations and institutions
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.speexx.com/
Image Source- Speexx

Speexx offers a learning platform for large organizations to provide business coaching, corporate language training, and employee skill assessment services.

Speexx’s HQ is based in Munich, Germany. Spexx has a large team of 251+ employees. Their total funding to date is an astonishing sum of $5M, making it a great contender to big players in the language learning world.

7. 360Learning

Year of Conception2013
FounderGuillaume Alary, Nick Hernandez, Sebastien Mignot
Rating4.6 out of 5
Starting Price$8/ user per month
Best ForCorporate Training, HR
Edtech Company TypeLearning Management Platform
Company Websitehttps://360learning.com/
Image Source- 360Learning

360Learning has a huge clientele base of 1200 organizations that use this platform to train its employees internally. 360Learning combines Learning Management Systems and a learning experience platform, making it a good experience for the course maker and students.

New York-based 360Learning has 12 investors and has pulled a funding of whooping $242.6M.

8. LearnEd

Year of Conception2018
FounderNot Available
Rating4.4 out of 5
Starting Price$67/ lesson
Best ForPrivate Tutoring in Australia
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://learned.au/
Image Source- LearnEd

Based in Sydney, Australia, the start-up of a 10-person team is creating waves on the Australian island. They provide tutoring services for Australian students in all major subjects.

LearnEd closed the round of its fundraiser in April 2022 from a Pre-Seed round.

9. GoStudent

Year of Conception2016
FounderGregor Müller & Ferdinand von Hagen
Rating4.3 out of 5
Starting Price$23.23/ lesson per Month
Best ForFree Homework Chat, 1-1 Video Tutoring for students in Germany
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services 
Company Websitehttps://www.gostudent.org
Image Source- GoStudent

GoStudents is also expanding its team and hiring more employees, as shown on its LinkedIn Profile. This is a promising sign of how a company thrives and grows.

GoStudent has raised $781.3M and is expanding more by using the option of debt financing for their investors. There were 11 rounds of fundraisers, and GoStudent fetched 15 investors. They have also acquired four other organizations, one of which is Studienkreis, in 2022.

10. Edverse – Education Metaverse Company

Year of Conception2021
FounderAlok Patni, Gautam Arjun, Yuvraj Krishan Sharma
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$500 / 25 hours
Best ForMetaverse Classrooms, Board rooms, and auditorium
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.edverse.com/
Image Source- Edverse

Edverse is changing the traditional way of learning and training. With Edverse, tutors and trainers can hold a virtual class in Metaverse. Organizations can also use their auditoriums and conference rooms in the Metaverse to conduct their training programs.

Edverse has had funding of $700k since its inception, helping it have a promising future in the world of education in Metaverse.

11. ProProfs Training Maker

Year of Conception2005
FounderSameer Bhatia
Rating4.5 out of 5 
Starting Price$23.64/ learner PA
Best ForBusinesses, Corporate Trainers and Educational Institutions
Edtech Company TypeLMS
Company Websitehttps://www.proprofstraining.com/
Image Source- ProProfs

ProProfs is a management tool for creating quizzes, exams, tests, and surveys. It is also a great platform to collect feedback or offer a Q&A session from the course takers, a feature that can be essential for companies and organizations.

This LA-based start-up has shown promising growth since its inception and has acquired six organizations. They do a commendable job for a team of just 100-200 employees.

12. Docebo

Year of Conception2005
FounderClaudio Erba
Rating4.3 out of 5
Starting Price$1,600/ month
Best ForBusinesses to create, automate, and manage course content
Edtech Company TypeLMS
Company Websitehttps://www.docebo.com/
Image Source- Docebo

Docebo is focused on using innovative tech and keeping up with the changing tide in the field of education. 

With its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, this 501- 100 employee company is already listed on the stock market. It has made four acquisitions and has raised $6.4M to date. It is predicted to grow and become more significant since it has influential investors such as Klass Capital.

13. Moodle

Year of Conception2002
FounderMartin Dougiamas
Rating4.1 out of 5
Starting Price$130/ 50 users PA
Best ForK-12, higher education, vocational training, corporates, and all types of enterprise learning
Edtech Company TypeLMS
Company Websitehttps://moodle.org/
Image Source- Moodle

Moodle has excellent customization options and can be integrated with other platforms thanks to its API access. Another user benefit of Moddle is that it offers translation in over 100 languages.

Australian company Moodle, by far, has raised $7.4M and has acquired eAbays Info Solutions. This achievement is outstanding for a team of only 50 employees.

14. CYPHER Learning

Year of Conception2009
FounderGraham Glass
Rating4.4 out of 5
Starting Price$0.05/month
Best ForPersonalization of course content and learning experience
Edtech Company TypeLearning Management Platform
Company Websitehttps://www.cypherlearning.com/
CYPHER Learning
Image Source- CYPHER Learning

Similar to Moodle, CYPHER Learning also offers 50+ language options. This platform is highly celebrated in the Edtech community, receiving awards from biggies like Forbes.

Located in Texas, CYPHER Learning has raised $40M from its only investor, Invictus Growth Partners.

15. iSpring

Year of Conception2001
FounderYury Uskov
Rating4. 6 out of 5
Starting Price$2.87/ user per month
Best ForCompliance training, product training, partner training.
Edtech Company TypeLearning Management Platform
Company Websitehttps://www.ispringsolutions.com
Image Source- iSpring 

With 59,000+ clients in 172 countries, iSpring includes 198 Fortune 500 companies and various government agencies as its clients. With iSpring, you can design and develop e-learning software to convert PowerPoint to HTML5 format.

iSpring has 250+ employees and is based in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. The last funding this start-up picked was from a venture capitalist in 2017 of $37k from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund.

16. Anthology- Blackboard Learn

Year of Conception2020
CEOBruce Dahlgreen
Rating3.9 out of 5
Starting PriceGet A custom quote on the website
Best ForPre-made content, Inclusivity, Analytics
Edtech Company TypeLearning Management Platform
Company Websitehttps://www.anthology.com/
Image Source- Anthology

Anthology is a brand new start-up from Florida, USA. It acquired Blackboard Learning in recent times. This has made Anthology a complete EdTeach ecosystem worldwide.

Anthology is a very intuitive platform, making it easy to use. It allows learners to reduce anxiety by hiding timers and changing their pronouns to make them feel more comfortable and supported.

17. TalentLMS

Year of Conception2012
FounderAthanasios Papagelis
Rating4.6 out of 5
Starting Price$69
Best ForTraining Management, SCORM compatibility, providing Downloadable Handouts
Edtech Company TypeLMS
Company Websitehttps://www.talentlms.com/
Image Source- TalentLMS

This San Frisco-based start-up is an affordable option amongst LMS. This user-friendly platform is suitable for training employees, partners, and customers.

TalentLMS has an employee strength of 101-250. Crunchbase also predicts that TalentLMS will see positive growth as the edTech market grows. 

18. D2L’s Brightspace

Year of Conception2014
Rating4.4 out of 5
Starting PriceGet a quote from the website
Best ForBlended classroom Learning manages all the educational resources in one place.
Edtech Company TypeLearning Management Platform
Company Websitehttps://www.d2l.com/brightspace/
D2L’s Brightspace
Image Source- D2L’s Brightspace

Brightspace is suitable for schools and organizations alike. Brightspace can help teachers build the best courses for K-12 schools, higher education, and corporate training.

If you are an investor, you must check out Brightspace’s parent company, D2L. It is listed on the stock market under the symbol TSX: DTOL and has raised $168.5m in funding since 1999.

19. HubSpot Academy

Year of Conception2012
FounderMark Kilens, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting PriceFree
Best ForDigital Marketing and Inbound Marketing,  Email Marketing, Content Marketing
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://academy.hubspot.com/
Hubspot Academy
Image Source- Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy provides numerous free courses on its platform on the latest marketing, sales, and customer support trends.

Hubspot is the parent company Company of Hubspot Academy. The parent company initially did inbound marketing, but now, with the help of Mr. Mark Kilens, they have become successful Online Learning Providers.

20. Product Marketing Alliance (PMA)

Year of Conception2019
FounderRichard King
Rating4.7 out of 5
Starting Price$499
Best ForResources, events, courses, and podcasts on product marketing topics.
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://certified.productmarketingalliance.com/
Product Marketing Alliance
Image Source- PMA

This platform is handy for certificate marketing courses. The start-up is based in California, USA, and additionally provides market research as one of its products.

In the Year 2021, PMA acquired Team Sequel, making its education base stronger than before.

21. Whizlabs

Year of Conception2000
FounderKrishna Srinivasan, Purvesh Sharma
Rating4.7 out of 5
Starting Price$199 Annually
Best ForDevOps Engineer, Software Engineer
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://www.whizlabs.com/
Image Source- Whizlabs

Located in Bengaluru, India, Whizlab aims to help working professionals upskill and develop industry-relevant knowledge.

Whizlabs has a small team of around 50 employees. Its annual revenue as of 2022 is reported to be 2.18M. This start-up, however, has yet to receive any funding.

22. KodeKloud

Year of Conception2019
FounderMumshad Mannambeth
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting Price$12/ Month
Best ForIT professionals, DevOps
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://kodekloud.com/
Image Source- KodeKloud

KodeKloud focuses on keeping up with the trends in Edtech, making them highly relevant and users’ favorite in computer science.

KodeKloud is from Singapore and has an annual recurring revenue of $5M. KodeKloud is in the early stages of receiving funding from an unknown venture capitalist. 

23. ACI Learning [ITPro]

Year of Conception2012
FounderTim Broom & Don Pezet
Rating4.7 out of 5
Starting Price$39/ Month
Best ForCybersecurity, Auditing, and IT
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://www.acilearning.com/products/itpro/
ACI Learning
Image Source- ACI Learning

ACI Learning and ITProTV (founded in 2012) shook hands and integrated in 2020. ITPro TV’s entertaining yet engaging educational content and ACI’s effort to raise significant funding for this venture have proved to be a successful merger of ITPro.

With the backing of Boathouse Capital – ACI learning has also acquired Infosec Learning, bringing about more courses for IT professionals. The funding raised till 2023 by ACI Learning is a whooping $4,000,000, ensuring a bright future for this start-up.

24. Uxcel

Year of Conception2020
FounderColin Pace & Gene Kamenez
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting Price$25/ Month
Best ForGraphic Design, Automated skill mapping, big teams
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://uxcel.com/
Image Source- Uxcel

Uxcel is a heaven for UI AND UX designing courses. It helps learners upskill 56 design-related skills in a short time. Situated in Florida, United States, Uxcel works with a small team of employees (11-50) to bring an interactive learning platform for way less than its competitors.

Uxcel ranks 7th among its 47 competitors. Another commendable thing about Uxcel is that they have managed to raise over $3.09M in funding alongside their competitors, as reported by Tracxn.

25. PhysicsWallah

Year of Conception2014
FounderAlakh Pandey & Prateek Maheshwari
Rating4.5 out of 5
Starting Price$18.10/ Course
Best ForIndian Education System
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://www.pw.live/
Image Source- PhysicsWallah

When you talk about PhysicsWallah from Noida, India,  it is impossible not to talk about its unconventional Founder (and teacher at PhysicsWallah), Alakh Pandey.

Alakh Pandey has changed how Online Learning Providers provide education and make money in such ventures. They started with free YouTube Courses and gained outrageous popularity. 

The founders capitalized on this popularity and entered the Unicorn Club in its very first fundraiser.  

26. GoSkills

Year of Conception2013
FounderBhavneet Chahal & Franz Ombler
Rating4.8 out of 5
Starting Price$29.00/ user Per Month
Best ForBusiness skills, personalized courses, staff skills 
Edtech Company TypeOnline learning providers
Company Websitehttps://www.goskills.com/
Image Source- GoSkills

This women-led start-up in Wellington, NZ, helps individuals and organizations provide skill-based training and knowledge. The platform also provides a great feature to personalize a course based on one’s training needs and goals.

GoSKills is at the forefront of providing women scholarships and funding, making their start-up a noble effort.

27. Koloso App

Year of Conception2022
FounderPetra Chikasa & James Blewett
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceFree Access
Best ForReal-time progress tracking,  Multiple-choice quizzes for children
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.koloso.app/
Image Source- Koloso

This edTech start-up from Lusaka, Zambia, is a mobile-focused app aimed to bring about change in the education system in Zambia. With a great response to their fundraising efforts, Koloso plans to go Global this Year.

In 2023, Koloso reached fruition in an angel investment round and plans to expand and conduct fundraising in mid-2024.

28. Cervellotik Education

Year of Conception2014
FounderIvo Marino
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceContact them to get a personalized quote
Best ForPre-structured courses, Extracurricular Projects, Training, and Game-Based Learning.
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.cervellotik.com/
Cervellotik Education
Image Source- Cervellotik Education

With a small size of 2-10 employees, Cerevellotik Education has significantly impacted the Italian edTech market. It has joined 200+ Italian schools to offer their products and services for education and training.

Some of Cerevellotik Education’s investors include Meridiana Italia Srl, Digital 360 Group, CDP Venture Capital, and the National Innovation Fund. The latest known funding picked by this start-up amounts to $195k.

29. Wildgrid Home

Year of Conception2022
FounderParinda Darden & Krystal Persaud
RatingNot Available
Starting PricePersonalized quote as per your needs
Best ForKnowledge and live tutorials on Home electrification
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.wildgridhome.com/
Wildgrid Home
Image Source- Wildgrid Home

If I could pick favorites, this one would be it. Wildgrid, with its mission to fight climate change, helps its customers start from their homes. Wildgrid is an education platform that enables you to install and fix solar panels, heat pumps, insulation, lighting, induction stoves, plumbing, electrical panels, EVs, and more.

Wildgrid is based in New York City, United States, and its unique product and teaching approach has raised a whopping $635k from its investors. A few of their investors include Tommy Leep, Golden House Investment, The Climate Collective, Collaborative Fund, and Gaingels.

30. iSpeak Corporate English

Year of Conception2022
FounderJohn Jang 
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$20 for 2 hours
Best ForCorporate, hospitality industry, speaking workshops
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.ispeakto.com/individuals
iSpeak Corporate English
Image Source- iSpeak Corporate English

iSpeak Corporate English was founded in London, United Kingdom, to help employers train staff and employees in speaking workshops and improve their employees’ pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency in English. 

The prominent investor of iSpeak Corporate English is Oman Technology Fund.

31. Pharmlator

Year of Conception2020
FounderReham Atwa
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$49/ Year
Best ForTraining simulation tool for pharmacy students
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.pharmlator.com/
Image Source- Pharmlator

Based in Preston, United Kingdom, Pharmalator is an app-based training simulator for pharmacy students. This tool uses technology to educate students with over 70 simulations in daily ongoings in various medical situations.

Pharmalator is the pioneer in developing such a 3D simulator app in the UAE. So far, they have managed to raise $40k from its investors.

32. Wisepath

Year of Conception2021
FounderAdrian Giuhat & Gianluca Ferremi
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceGet a Quote
Best ForTraining in soft skills using video games
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://www.wisepath.ai/
Image Source- Wisepath

Wisepath offers students and employees online training in soft skills using mainstream video games.

With its HQ in Dalla, Texas, Wisepath has a small team of 10 employees. In a funding round in late 2022, Wisepath raised considerable amounts of money. The Newchip Accelerator has invested $250k in Wisepathg during this funding round.

33. GamED App

Year of Conception2022
FounderClaudiu-Felix Micu
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceNot Available
Best ForHealth-related subjects, disease prevention, sexual education, hygiene, nutrition, physical exercise, mental well-being, and first aid
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttps://gamedapp.wordpress.com/
Image Source- GamED

GamED is a gaming app that helps learners understand health-related “dos and don’ts.” GamED can be an excellent option for educational, public health, and psychology institutions to provide knowledge for a healthy lifestyle.

In 2023, GamED participated in the Startup League initiative by WU Gründungszentrum and hopes to grow under their guidance.

34. Labla

Year of Conception2021
FounderEmre Çakmak
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceFree
Best ForChildren to learn Spanish, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and develop their reading habit
EdTech Company TypeInteractive learning and gaming platforms
Company Websitehttp://labla.net/
Image Source- Labla

Labla aims to develop mobile apps to reach children with educational materials via games and activities. Lable designs games meant for quick learning for children and teens.

Labla, founded in Ankara, Turkey, helps build gamified educational platforms for their clients. Labla has raised 5k from its investors to date.

35. Livus

Year of Conception2021
FounderAlexandre Alvares & Guilherme Rovai
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceNot Available
Best ForMentorships and workshops
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://liv.us/
Image Source- LinkedIn

In the last pre-seed round, this Brazil-based company raised funding from investors like Darkmode Ventures, Big_bets, and K50 Ventures.

It has managed to raise $1.1M from the three investors and plans to help Latin American creators personalize their online courses and mentorship programs.

36. edlyft

Year of Conception2020
FounderErika Hairston and Arnelle Ansong
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$60
Best ForCS courses
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://www.edlyft.com/
Image Source- edlyft

Edlyft provides courses, especially to upskill in computer science to get a better job and learn relevant skills. They also have mentorship programs to guide a small group (up to 30 people) by providing career advice.

Soon after its launch, Edlyft was discovered by Google, and Google purchased its AI platform. Edlyft has also partnered with Google on various occasions to uplift women and minority students in the field of STEM. To date, Edlyft has raised $1.6M.

37. ETC Vibes

Year of Conception2022
FounderOlufemi Oshikoya & Isaac Oyekunle
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceEstimated price ~$1/ user
Best ForProgramming, algorithms, and software development
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://etcvibes.com
ETC vibes
Image Source- ETC vibes

Examination, Tutorial, and Course (ETC) Vibes offers AI-powered chat assistance, interactive flashcards, quizzes, and a thriving community for students and teachers.

This educational start-up was founded in Nigeria so Nigerian students could raise their academic scores and develop deep knowledge through live interactive, recorded, or one-on-one tutoring sessions.

38. Amazy Education

Year of Conception2020
FounderKate Bodrova & Sergey Kosenko
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$12/ Month
Best ForPrivate Teaching for schools and corporates
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://amazy.uk
Image Source- Amazy

Amazy works globally to bring educators tools to simplify the process of providing study materials and monetize these study sessions.

Founded in London, UK, this platform is carefully brought to you by psychologist Kate Bodrova. Amazy is pitching and looking for funding to grow its platform.

39. Preply

Year of Conception2014
FounderKirill Bigai, Dmytro Voloshyn, and Serge Lukyanov
Rating4.2 out of 5
Starting PriceBased on your tutor
Best ForLearning new language
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://preply.com/
Image Source- Preply

Preply is focused on providing tutoring services for its learners to learn a new language or increase their proficiency over one. There are currently 32,000+ tutors available on Preply.

Spread across 58 countries, Preply has raised $1.3M from investors. Their mobile application has 1m downloads to date.

40. Talky- Language Learning platform for Kids

Year of Conception2023
FounderChildren 8 to 12 years old
Rating4.6 on App Store
Starting PriceRequest a quote
Best ForChildren 8 to 12 Years old
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://talky-app.com/
Image Source- Talky

With engaging UI, Talky will keep children hooked on language learning. I tried this platform and had so much fun using it.

Based in Spain, Barcelona Talky is in the process of raising funds.

41. Cignition

Year of Conception2014
FounderMichael Cohen
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceRequest a quote
Best ForMath,1:1 instruction for Elementary or High Schoolers
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://www.cignition.com/
Image Source- Cignition

Cognition is exceptionally good for elementary, middle, and high schoolers. This platform helps bridge the gap between parents and tutors by providing a vetted list of tutors they think are the best for your child’s learning needs.

Cognition is growing as investors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Schmidt Futures have invested in them.

42. StudySoup

Year of Conception2012
FounderJeff Silverman & Sieva Kozinsky
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$29/ Monthly
Best ForStudy Guides and Exam Preparations
EdTech Company TypeOnline studying and tutoring services
Company Websitehttps://studysoup.com/
Image Source- StudySoup

StudySoup helps college or university students prepare for exams and score better grades by offering study tools.

What I liked about StudySoup is that they recognize different types of learning and try personalizing the courses as per the learners’ preferred style.

43. Capables

Year of Conception2023
FounderAmit Singh
RatingNot Available
Starting Price2.83/ week
Best ForSpoken English
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://capables.in/

Introduction Video Of Capables from Youtube:

Capables is an app that helps learners hone their fluency in different languages. It helps users practice pronunciation with language exercises and interactive lessons via their AI-based app.

This platform from Gurgaon, India, is in the middle of raising funds in the seed round.

44. Little Red Edu

Year of Conception2020
FounderAnna Carmody
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceIn-App purchase
Best ForA.I. & A.R assisted learning, track progress, spoken English
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://littlerededu.com/

Introduction Video:

The Little Red app is available on Android and iOS to help children learn English and focuses on reaching fluency in pronunciation. Little Red promises they can accurately track learners’ progress, making it a valuable option for parents and teachers.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Little Red has raised money from Investors like Enterprise Ireland and Seamus O’Donnchadha, amounting to $58.4k.

45. Papua Learn English

Year of Conception2018
FounderEduardo Huertes Álvarez, Jesús Martín Tévar, Raquel Vela Pato, Roberto Sabaté Ortuño
Rating4 out of 5 on App store
Starting PriceIn-App Purchase
Best ForBeginner level English
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://papuation.com/

Introduction Video:

The Unique approach of being a protagonist in real-life situations makes the Papua Learn app unique. It teaches you how to speak English and helps you develop soft skills by taking you through different scenarios in every lesson.

So far, Papua Learn English has raised $70k from their investor, ENISA.

46. Lingokids

Year of Conception2016
FounderCristobal Viedma & Marieta Viedma
Rating4.4 on App Store
Starting Price$14.99
Best ForAcademics and modern life skills
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://lingokids.com/
Lingo Kids
Image Source- Lingo Kids

The LingoKids is an app with 10M  users from around the world. This app is for kids between the ages of 2 and 8 to help them learn numerous subjects and skills using creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and, most importantly, communication.

This start-up from Madrid, Spain, has 23 investors and has raised $62.5M.

47. Lingvist

Year of Conception2012
FounderAndres Koern, Mait Muntel, Ott Jalakas
Rating4.1 out of 5
Starting Price$9.99 / Month
Best ForExpanding one’s vocabulary and learning short phrases
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://lingvist.com/
Image Source- Lingvist

Lingvist offers services to help you learn 50+ languages via its app and website. This app is helpful for teens and adults. Lingvist uses flashcards to help learners retain information and provides a “phrasebook” to remember various phrases relevant to that language.

Over nine rounds of fundraising, Linvist has managed to raise $17.2M from the venture series. Lingvist is funded by its 16 investors, namely Ballpark Ventures, Metaplanet, Rockaway Capital, and more.

48. LinguaRolePlay

Year of Conception2020
FounderJonathan Ginter
RatingNot Available
Starting PriceNot Available
Best ForLearning while role-playing
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://linguaroleplay.com/
Image Source- LinguaRolePlay

LinguaRolePlay uses adventurous stories to teach its learners language by dawning a specific role and engaging in conversation with other players in the game. 

LinguaRolePlay believes that storytelling and role-playing are fun ways to learn a new language without having the inhibitions that one would have while doing something completely new, like learning a new language.

49. Brainglish

Year of Conception2021
FounderLuiz Fernando Lopes Pereira
RatingNot Available
Starting Price$30.27/ Month
Best ForA scientific method of learning English
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Websitehttps://brainglish.com.br/
Image Source- Brainglish

Founded in Joinville, Brazil, Brainglish uses the M.G.A Scientific System to teach their learners English within six months. The founder is an NLP practitioner, which is reflected in the teaching methods used in the course, too.

Braininglish is raising funds for the Series A round. So far, the fundraising journey for this start-up has been a good one as it has successfully had many investors, such as Startup Incubator.

50. MyBuddy.ai

Year of Conception2017
FounderIvan Crewkov, Dmitry Stavisky & Dima Plotnikov
Rating4.7 on App Store
Starting Price$4.99/ Month
Best ForKids aged 3 to 8
EdTech Company TypeLanguage learning platforms
Company Website http://MyBuddy.ai
Image Source- mybuddy.ai

MyBuddy is an AI-based English tutor for young children that uses voice-based interaction and fun lessons to improve their vocabulary, comprehension, and pronunciation.

Founded in Russia in 2020, this app picked up the funding of a 1.1M in seed round from VC LETA Capital.

5 Types Of Edtech Startups

There are 5 types of EdTech Startups which are as follows. 

1. Learning Management Platform And LMS

This software helps teachers create, deliver, monitor learners, and evaluate the course takers’ activity. 

A learning management platform is preferred for traditional schools and for managing large educational programs.

2. Online Learning Providers

The Online Learning Provider is a portal that offers pre-recorded lectures, notes, chat rooms, and other educational content all in one place. 

Since the pandemic, Online Learning services have boomed as they help students and teachers connect remotely.

3. Interactive Learning And Gaming Platforms

As the name suggests, Interactive learning and gaming platforms offer gamification of learning and course content. 

These platforms are best for children and adults as they make the course very interactive.

4. Online Studying And Tutoring Services

Online tutoring services are an interactive take on the above-mentioned Online Learning Providers.

Online studying and tutoring services offer live sessions and are best known for being an option for one-on-one tutoring facilities.

5. Language Learning Platforms

A Language Learning Platform helps you learn different languages. 

Its sole purpose is to provide content that helps learners improve verbal and writing skills.

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Conclusion – Wildgrid Home, Edverse, And LinguaRolePlay Are My Favorite EDtech Startups

You now have a list of 50 start-ups that have shown promising results, growth, and impact in EdTech. 

I could not help but pick my favorites while making this list. My top 3 favorites are:

  1. Wildgrid Home is best for learning about home electrification.
  2. Edverse helps to learn in the Metaverse.
  3. LinguaRolePlay will help you learn through a role-playing game.

The new generation is born with the “digital DNA.” Everyone uses a laptop or phone in their learning journey. This is why the EdTech industry will continue booming. Use this list to invest, learn, or enroll as a teacher and start your journey in EdTech today.


Is Edtech profitable?

The EdTech market, as reported by Forbes, is expected to expand up to $404 billion in 2025, making it a very profitable industry. 

Is Edtech a good career?

Edtech is a booming industry. It offers many opportunities for various roles in design, software development, data analytics, project management, legal application in edTech, and more.

Why do Edtech start-ups fail?

Like any other start-up, edTech fails primarily because it does not conduct market research or learn about competitors with similar start-ups.

How to work in Edtech?

Research the start-ups you would like to work in, upskill, and make your CV based on the requirements of Edtech companies, and then you may have the chance to land a job in EdTech.

Where can I find Edtech Grants?

You will have to research and explore your options on the Internet. Watch for government schemes and pitch as many investors as possible every week.

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