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April 25, 2024

DataCamp and Coursera both cater to different needs and choosing between the two can be tricky, considering that a lot of similarities are involved. 

The short answer is to use DataCamp if you are a beginner or intermediate level Data science enthusiast or student. On the other hand, subscribe to Coursera for accredited certificates and top-notch teachers.

However, there’s more to DataCamp and Coursera. In this article, I have compared both platforms by analyzing their courses, instructors, pricing, interface, and more. 

Besides my personal experience, I have also included other user reviews to help you decide which one is best for you. 

With that, let’s dive in!

DataCamp vs Coursera – Key Differences

Here is a quick table for your reference pointing out some essential differences –

Best ForData science coursesCourses from Ivy leagues and industry giants
Price starts$12$9.99
Free Trial7-day
Free coursesPrimary access to all courses1,700 
Number of courses430+7,000
Mobile App
InstructorsIndustry expertsProfessors & industry experts
Overall Ratings4.64.5

Pros And Cons Of DataCamp vs Coursera

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me quickly acquaint you with the Pros and Cons of each of these platforms.

DataCamp Pros

  • Data science focused
  • Handheld coding coaching
  • Gamified tests
  • Short course
  • Projects focused
  • Mobile app available

DataCamp cons

  • Sometimes, the UI gets clunky
  • Doesn’t teach error-finding
  • Beginner to Intermediate-level exercises
  • Less mathematical/logical emphasis
  • Limited API learning material
  • Syntax-focused quizzes

Coursera Pros

  • Accredited certificate
  • Academia focused
  • Includes quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums
  • Ivy league classes
  • Partners with 275+ leading universities and companies
  • Financial Aid and scholarships

Coursera cons

  • Confusing price model
  • Some IT courses need updation
  • 80% required to pass a course
  • It can get very technical
  • Prior knowledge is needed for some programs

DataCamp vs Coursera: Overview

It is clear by now that DataCamp is an excellent choice for Data Science and Coursera for overall development. But what makes these platforms unique?

Let’s find out in detail.

DataCamp Overview 

DataCamp offers courses, projects, assessments, and assignments that cover various topics and skills related to Python, AI, SQL, Power BI, and more.

DataCamp provides two learning tracks through its platform- One improves your skills, and the other makes a learning track for you to ace in your career.

This helped me and various learners stay focused and improve our skills. Here is what  a fellow learner had to say about DataCamp- 

Who Is DataCamp Right For?

DataCamp is for anyone looking for –

  • Building a career in Data Science
  • Learning courses on Python, R & SQL
  • Hand-held coding practice
  • Expert teachers with years of experience in Data Science
  • Fast-paced courses
  • Overviewing Concepts

Coursera Overview

Coursera hosts courses crafted by the best schools, colleges, and industry giants

Additionally, Coursera is the only online course certification that is as widely recognized. Coursera also provides scholarships and financial aid to the deserving to make education accessible.

What I found noteworthy about Coursera from my experience is how it has fantastic courses in diverse subjects that are academia-focused and courses that help one improve one’s soft skills as well.

Compared to DataCamp, Coursera is better for one’s overall development. Don’t believe me? Listen to what fellow Coursera user Michael had to say –

Who Is Coursera Right For?

Coursera is the right choice for anyone looking for 

  • Learning from professional teachers
  • College Credit
  • Learn new skill
  • Earn a recognized certificate
  • Enhance your CV
  • Prep for Master
  • Enhance your college application
  • Share your certificates on Social media
  • Improving personal and work skills

DataCamp vs Coursera: Comparing Key Features

Both platforms offer amazing features, yet a lot of them are similar. Therefore, here is a detailed comparison to check out!

User Experience & User Interface

Creating an account is easy on both of these platforms. However, I found Datacamp slightly complicated and difficult to navigate at first. If the site were not overloaded with information, I would be less intimidated by Datacamp’s website.

Here is a glance at all the differences I found in the UI & UX of these platforms side by side.

Easy to register and create your accountEasy to register and create your account
DataCamp website is confusing to navigateCoursera website is a little confusing to navigate
Mobile app lags sometimesMobile app needs fixes
Dark colored themeLight colored theme
Regular UpdateNeeds Updation

Verdict: Even though DataCamp is initially intimidating, I found DataCamp’s user experience and interface much smoother and updated compared to Coursera’s.

Course Tutors

The tutors on DataCamp are industry experts, whereas Coursera tutors are professional teachers working at schools and universities, and industry experts are from Google, Meta, Microsoft, and other tech companies.

Data Science expertsRenowned professors and industry experts

Verdict: Coursera has a mix of professional teachers and experts from every industry working at top organizations. However, DataCamp tutors are experts in the field of Data Science only.

Type & Quality Of Content

Both platforms use Video and text to bring information to learners. However, the in-built coding feature is unique to DataCamp

Video & textVideo & text
Easy assignmentsAssignments need high passing marks
In-built coding window

Verdict: DatacCamp and Coursera deliver excellent course content, so it is a tie.

Course Subjects

Let us have a look at what subjects are taught on each of these platforms respectively- 

Human sciences
Computer Science
Spoken Languages
Data Science
IT & Software
Cyber Security
GBusiness Management
Digital management
Arts & Music
Personal Development

Verdict: Coursera covers more subjects, making it a clear winner.

Course Certificates

Coursera Certificates are awarded by the course host in most cases, making them more popular. Coursera also offers a few certificate courses accredited by the American Council of  Education (ACE).

Not AccreditedAccredited
Given by DataCampDirectly awarded by the university or the organization

Verdict: Coursera Certificates are issued by universities, and they offer credits, making them a clear winner.

DataCamp vs Coursera: Pricing

Check the tables below for DataCamp and Coursera pricing, respectively. I have also shared some tips for you to maximize your savings on each of these platforms.

DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp has a very straightforward basic Subscription Plan.

Annual SubscriptionFree$149.04 300/ user
Monthly SubscriptionFree$39N/A

DataCamp does not offer a limited number of free day trials. Instead, all the first lessons of any course on this platform are free. Use this opportunity to audit course content and tutors’ teaching styles.

DataCamp Pricing
Image Source – DataCamp 

If you like the course, you must get a subscription to access the rest of the lessons, the built-in tools, exercises, and projects. This is how you save money by not spending it in the first place if the course materials do not sit right with you.

If you opt for the annual subscription on Datacamp, you save $168 compared to the monthly subscription of $39, which adds to $468 when calculated for 12 months.

Coursera Pricing

Coursera pricing is called flexible by some and confusing by others. Don’t worry about the confusion I got you! Here is a quick list of the Price range of each learning program Coursera offers.

Learning ProgramApproximate PriceTime Required
Guided Projects+ $9.991-2 Hours
Courses+$494-12 Hours
Specializations$39.991-3 months
Professional Certificates$39.991-6 months
MasterTrack Certificates$2,000 to $5,0004-7 months
Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees>$2,0002-4 years
Coursera Plus $59 OR $399N/A
Coursera for Bussiness$399 per userN/A

Coursera’s diverse programs are priced based on their Course content and tutor. It is apparent from the table that if a course takes longer to finish, its price will be high.

To save money on Coursera, I recommend getting the Coursera Plus subscription. Coursera Plus subscription opens up access to 90% of courses and allows earning unlimited certificates.

Coursera Pricing
Image Source- Coursera

Courser Subscription will cost you $59 for the monthly plan (adds up to $708 for 12 months). The annual plan comes at $399 only, saving you $309 over the monthly subscription.

Verdict: Datacamp has a simple subscription model, whereas Coursera offers more payment options. The flexibility of choosing a payment mode matters to me. Hence, I vote for Coursera to be a winner.

Top Courses From DataCamp and Coursera

This list of courses from the respective platforms is based on the ranking available on the platform. These courses are in no way an exhaustive list of what each of these platforms has to offer. Visit the platforms’ websites to learn about the plethora of courses offered.

Top 3 DataCamp Courses

The Top three courses rated on DataCamp are as follows- 

  1. Introduction to Python
Introduction to Python
Image Source- DataCamp

This beginner-friendly course differs from all other Python courses as it is taught from a data science POV. Use this course to create your first variables and learn to use tools to conduct analysis.

  1. Introduction to Data Science in Python
Introduction to Data Science in Python
Image Source- DataCamp

Dive into the world of basics related to Python. Along with the basic concepts, you will learn how to load Data in pandas, plot data with Matplotlib, and create three new plots.

  1. Intermediate Python
Intermediate Python
Image Source- DataCamp

If you are already well-versed in the basics of Python, take this 4-hour course to expand your knowledge of dictionaries, Pandas, logic, control flow, filtering, and loops, all with the help of a relevant case study.

Note– Visit this link for a complete list of courses offered by Datacamp.

Top 3 Coursera courses

These are the top 3 courses offered by Coursera- 

  1. The Science of Well-Being by Yale
The Science of Well-Being by Yale
Image Source- Coursera 

This innovative course will help you learn skills that contribute to your growth and goals. Use the tools and techniques this course teaches to build a productive, happy, and fuller life for yourself.

I loved this course as it shattered my biases and opinions about various takes on life that were holding me back from experiencing happiness. I must credit Professor Laurie Santos for crafting such a beautiful course.

Note– This course is for adults. If you are a teen, take this course instead.

  1. English for Career Development by Penn
English for Career Development by Penn
Image Source- Coursera 

Gain insight to improve communication at the workplace and school. The University of Pennsylvania affiliated course will introduce you to the relevant process used in the USA to process job Applications and will prepare you by developing impressive interview strategies.

This course is helpful if you want to create a solid and attractive resume and build a professional vocabulary.

  1. Financial Markets by Yale
Financial Markets by Yale
Image Source- Coursera 

If you are interested in economics or anthropology or are a banker, take this course to learn practices used in the financial market in today’s day and age. Learn techniques to predict future securities, insurance, and banking trends.

This course is a great way to learn vital concepts like behavioral finance, financial markets, finance, and behavioral economics. 

Note– Visit this link for a complete list of courses offered by Coursera

Special Features

Here are a few features I found that are unique to each of these platforms-

1. Bootcamps On DataCamp

It is noteworthy to mention that DataCamp conducts numerous “Bootcamps” frequently. What I loved about these boot camps was the intensive learning and exchange of information that took place during these sessions.

These bootcamps are also a great place to network and find like-minded peers.

2. Gamified Learning On Datacamp

Gamified Learning on Datacamp
Image Source- DataCamp

I also loved their gamification format of tests and tracking your progress. This feature makes learning fun on Datacamp.

3. Verification Of Certificates On Coursera

Verification of Certificates on Coursera
Image Source- Coursera

Regarding special features on Coursera, it is worth mentioning that Coursera gives the option of a few course certificates to be verified directly by the university or the organization. This makes Coursera certificates even more legitimate.

4. Badges Offered By Coursera

Coursera also offers “Badges” that can be linked to your social media account, allowing you to show your achievements and build more credibility in the job market.

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Final Verdict: DataCamp vs Coursera, which is better?

Well, it depends. It depends on what kind of courses, teachers, and certificates you seek. Suppose you only want an overview of Data Science for foundational concepts and terms. Then, I recommend DataCamp for you.

But if you want in-depth knowledge from the best professors and industry experts in any subject, Coursera is the way to go.

I like Coursera because it helps me develop my knowledge as well as my soft skills. Spoilt by choice and content quality, Coursera is the overall winner for me.

You can give the two platforms a try to check what suits you better. Use my recommendations to take a course and get one- step closer to your learning journey today!


Are DataCamp certificates worth it?

DataCamp certificates themselves serve no value, but when you use them in addition to your traditional degree and use the Datacamp certificates to build industry-relevant projects, these certificates prove great worth.

Is there something better than Coursera?

There are many online learning platforms available in 2024. However, I have yet to come across a platform better than Coursera, which offers 7000+ courses and accredited certificates at affordable rates.

Is it worth it to go to Coursera?

It is worth it to go to the Coursera website. Coursera’s website has a soothing-to-eye theme, and the website is where you find a sea of courses and plenty of payment options to subscribe to these courses.

Is Coursera good enough to get a job?

Coursera certificates alone can not get you a job. You must work on your interview strategies and make a solid resume showcasing your skills and experiences.

Which platform do you recommend for data analytics courses: DataCamp or Coursera?

I recommend DataCamp for building a solid foundation in data analytics.

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