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May 16, 2024

For a limited time, Coursera Plus is offering a discount of $200 on the annual Coursera Plus subscription. 

This exclusive deal gives you unrestricted access to over 7,000 learning programs meticulously curated by esteemed companies and educational institutions. From industry heavyweights like Google, Microsoft, and Meta to prestigious universities like Yale, Brown, and Columbia, the varied range of programs allows you to define your future path.

Join us as we investigate how to avail this enormous discount and the benefits you get because of this offer. 

Coursera Plus Discounts 2024: Key Takeaway

The Coursera Plus discount is live now; sign up for the annual plan and reap its benefits.

Coursera Plus Discount - Overview
  1. $200 OFF On Coursera Plus Annual Subscription 

Enjoy huge savings with the exclusive offer of $200 OFF on the Coursera Plus Annual Subscription. This limited-time offer significantly reduces the annual subscription charge, granting access to various courses, specializations, and credentials.

  1. $309 OFF on the Annual Plan 

Opting for the annual subscription automatically results in a significant discount of $309 without any specific promotional offer.

  1. 7-Day Free Trial

Before making any decisions, we urge you to take the Coursera Plus free trial, available for 7 days. 

With this free trial, you can try out a range of courses before deciding if they meet your educational needs and career goals. This will help you understand if your investment will be worth the money you will be paying.

And if you are still confused, here is a table of all the offers; I hope this makes it easier for you to make the comparison.

Coursera Subscription PlansOffer PriceSavings
Individual Courses
Coursera Plus Annual$199$200
Coursera Plus Monthly
7-Day Free TrialFreeN/A
Annual Plan$399$309

This New Year deal is a steal. Simply click on this Link to open the offer page directly.

How Do I Save Money On Coursera Plus?

Coursera Plus usually offers its monthly plan at $59, which essentially costs you $708 per year. 

Just by signing up for the annual subscription option, which gives you maximum savings, you can enjoy savings of $309 without any offer.

It’s worthwhile if you complete 3-4 specializations annually, ensuring value for your investment. You could save up to 30% every month if you get an annual subscription to Coursera Plus instead of the Monthly plan and manage to finish at least 1 course every month.

What’s Included With Coursera Plus Discount?

Coursera is our favorite learning platform as it offers courses by Ivy League colleges and other top Universities. Additional features of Coursera also include the following :

Coursera Plus Discount - Corses
  • Learn from 275+ leading universities and companies
  • Abundance of accredited courses by top colleges
  • Flexible learning schedules
  • Recognized globally
  • Learn theoretical concepts, Specializations, and Advanced concepts.
  • Academia focused
  • Online Degree courses
  • Includes quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums

Note – For the full detailed list of what’s included in the Coursera Plus Subscription, visit this Link.

How To Redeem Coursera Plus Discount 2024? 

This discount is valid for a limited time, so let me help you get it now

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to secure a big discount.

Step 1: Open Coursera’s webpage and opt for the Coursera Plus annual plan; hit “Save Now” or click on this Link to jump to the offer page.

Coursera Plus Discount - Overview

Step 2: Click “Save Now,” fill in your details in the pop-up, and click ” Join for Free.” (Your Coursera plus promotional discount will be activated automatically)

Coursera Plus Discount - Save Now

Step 3: Fill in your card details and make the payment.

Coursera Plus Discount - Payment

And Voila! You are done.

Is There Any Student Discount On Coursera Plus?

Long answer short, NO. There is no student Discount currently available on Coursera Plus. 

But I encourage you to save money by opting either for the Annual Subscription Plan or the New Year’s offer. 

Coursera Financial Aid & Scholarships

Coursera, in partnership with several educational boards, offers a limited number of scholarships each year to help students pay for a portion of their tuition. A variety of resources are suggested by Coursera to help you fund your degree, for example – 

  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement
  • U.S. Federal financial aid
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Private Loans
  • Tax credits and deductions
  • Resources for non-U.S. students

When applying for financial aid, numerous important aspects are examined during the review process: Educational Background, Annual Income, and Employment Status

Note: It is crucial to understand that while financial aid is an excellent resource, it may not be available for all courses. 

Numerous scholarships and grants are available, with eligibility criteria ranging from academic accomplishments to demographic background and financial needs. In addition, scholarships can be designed for certain institutions, students, or majors.

Coursera Free vs Coursera Plus: Differences

Choosing Coursera Plus for a set annual subscription can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Coursera Plus is a membership option offered by Coursera that includes certain additional perks over the basic Coursera platform.

Here are the main differences:

FeaturesCourseraCoursera Plus
Platform TypeStandard Subscription-based 
Payment StructurePer CourseAnnual Subscription
CostVariesFlat Fees
ContentLimited LessonsFull Access
BenefitsExtra Study Material

Coursera Plus Pricing

When Coursera Plus Subscription pricing is compared to individual course costs, it becomes clear that this package provides major advantages.

Coursera Plus Discount - Pricing

Annual plans offer significant discounts on various courses, specializations, and certificates. The Coursera Plus Subscription, available at a single annual charge, provides unlimited access and is cost-effective.

Check it out for yourself : 

Course StructureTime RequiredPrice Range
Guided Projects1-2 HoursStarts at  $9.99
Courses4-12 HoursStarts at $49
Specializations1-3 months$39.99 / month
Professional Certificates1-6 months$39.99 / month
MasterTrack Certificates4-7 months$2,000 to $5,000
Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees2-4 yearsStarts at $2,000

The cost of courses may vary based on the subject or field of study.

Meanwhile, the Coursera Plus Subscription charge is $399 for one year, and with the ongoing offer, it’s just $199. This subscription will give you access to 90% of Coursera content, certificates, and study materials.

Who Is Coursera Plus Right For?

Coursera Plus provides access to a broad array of courses, specializations, and certificates offered by renowned universities and companies. It is the right choice for individuals who are –

  • Looking to gain practical and valuable skills
  • Upgrading their resumes 
  • Obtain a degree in a specific field.
  • enjoy lifetime access to individual courses
  • Engage in flexible learning. 

Top 5 Courses On Coursera 

Here are the top 5 courses on Coursera that you can enroll in for free.

1. AI For Everyone 

This course will help anyone and everyone learn the basics of artificial intelligence. Skills you’ll gain: Workflow of Machine Learning projects, AI terminology, Workflow of Data Science projects, AI strategy

AI For Everyone 

2. Science Of Well-Being

This course by Yale University will help you introduce habits into your life that will make you a calmer and happier person.

Skills you’ll gain: Gratitude, Happiness, Meditation, Savoring

Science Of Well-Being

3. Data Science

This certificate course is best for beginners as it helps you understand the entire foundation of the Data Science pipeline – from data acquisition to publication. 

Data Science

Skills you’ll gain: Github, Machine learning, R programming, Regression Analysis

4. Google IT Support 

This is a professional certificate course recommended for every IT enthusiast.

Google IT Support 

Skills you’ll gain: Network Protocols, Cloud Computing, Encryption Algorithms and Techniques and Debugging

5. Foundational Finance For Strategic Decision Making

Learn business strategies and value creation through this course. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make good financial decisions for the future.

Foundational Finance For Strategic Decision Making

Skills You’ll gain: Financial analysis, Spreadsheet analysis, estimation of cost and benefits, and value estimation.

You can also check out our list of the best Coursera certificates to choose the best course for yourself.

Is Coursera Plus Worth Paying?

Coursera is worth it, especially if you aim to enhance or acquire new skills. Investing in a Coursera certificate adds value to your resume, showcasing additional skills and learnings that can benefit your career.

Coursera Plus is beneficial, as it offers unlimited access to over 7000+ courses, specializations, projects, and professional certification programs from top institutions. This comprehensive educational hub provides both quality and quantity in its courses.

Choosing Coursera Plus brings several advantages without breaking the bank. The platform enables comfortable learning, allowing you to earn a degree at your own pace.

With industry experts and accredited degree programs, Coursera Plus stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking certification courses and valuable educational resources.

Final Thoughts: Save Up to $200 On Coursera Plus Subscription

In conclusion, the Coursera Plus Discount for 2024 emerges as a compelling opportunity for learners seeking to enrich their educational journey.

The exclusive discounts, such as $200 and $309 off on the annual subscription, present a cost-effective avenue for accessing diverse courses, specializations, and professional certificates.

Since this is a limited-period offer, Act fast, invest in yourself, and secure your future success today!

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