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February 22, 2024

Coursera is a giant in the world of online learning platforms, but how much does Coursera cost? If you are wondering about signing up for an online learning platform and what plan suits you the best, you are at the right place. 

This article dives deep into the price structure of various learning methods Coursera offers in the USA and other countries. I’ll also walk you through what each plan offers and which one offers maximum savings. 

As a bonus, I have added Coursera discounts and offers too, so you can take advantage of the best offers and kickstart your online learning journey!

Coursera Cost 2024: Overview

Courses on Coursera start as low as $9.99. The most expensive Specialization on this platform is $9000. The choice and the range are flexible when it comes to Coursera. 

Depending on your needs and budget, you can plan what course structure suits you the best. Check the table below to get a quick overview- 

StructuresPrice RangeBilling CycleTime RequiredFree Trial
Guided Projects+ $9.99Individual Course1-2 Hours
Courses+$49Individual Course4-12 Hours
Specializations$39.99Monthly 1-3 months
Professional Certificates$39.99Monthly1-6 months
MasterTrack Certificates$2,000 to $5,000Individual Course 4-7 months
Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees>$2,000Individual Course2-4 years
Coursera Plus $59 OR $399Monthly OR AnnualN/A
Coursera for Bussiness$399 per userAnnualN/A

The price and duration of each course vary based on the subject or field of study.

Can You Get Coursera For Free?

Coursera offers thousands of free courses on its platform to bring education to all. Take advantage of these free courses to improve your personal life and gain professional skills. Free access to courses also helps you assess if you like the course or not without making a financial investment in it.

Check these free courses offered By Coursera and decide for yourself if you like them-

1. Science-Of-Well-Being

Train yourself to a healthy lifestyle and practice mindfulness through this course offered by Yale University.

Coursera Cost - Science-Of-Well-Being

2. Powerful Mental Tools To Help You Master Tough Subjects

This Course is helpful to people of all age groups. I am 29, and I took this course with my niece, who is 14. We both gained much perspective and gathered tools for processing and breaking down information to make it easier to remember and explain information when required.

Powerful Mental Tools

3. Algorithms, Part I

Learn fundamentals and gain insight into Algorithms by taking this course offered by the professors at Princeton University.

Algorithms, Part I

4. Management Of Fashion And Luxury Companies

If you are looking for lessons on brand management or are looking forward to gaining knowledge on how a brand’s business model works, This course is definitely for you. Every fashion student will enjoy this course. 

Management Of Fashion And Luxury Companies

Check the entire list of Popular Free Coursera Courses Here.

Note- Please remember that if you want the course certificate, you will incur a fee for the printable certificate.

Coursera Pricing & Plans: Reviewed

Coursera offers its users various options to learn new skills, ranging from short courses to full degrees.

Let’s discuss each of them individually and understand what benefit each provides.

  • Courses-

Cost: Coursera offers free and paid courses. Paid Courses start from $49 per course.

Corsera Courses

Benefits– Top instructors design these video courses to give you new knowledge. A few assessments and quizzes provide a great insight into how much you have understood. You can stay in touch with like-minded folks by participating in discussion forums.

  • Guided Projects-

Cost: Guided projects start at $9.99 per course.

Corsera Guided Projects

Benefits–  Taking a guided project will benefit you as you learn a new professional skill in just 1 or 2 hours during this project. Guided projects have hands-on tutorials, making them easy to understand.

  • Specializations-

Cost: Specializations take a month or two to complete and start at around $39.99. A very handful of specializations are also available for free.


Benefits- After finishing a specialization, you gain in-depth knowledge. Complete a series of courses and projects to strengthen your understanding.

  • Professional Certificates-

Cost: Professional certificates start from $39.99 and usually take longer.

Professional Certificates-

Benefits- Professional Certificate course will give you comprehensive knowledge within a short period of 4 – 7 months. The focus of this certificate course is to get you job-ready. Learn from industry leaders and get a certificate on your CV that demonstrates your expertise.

  • MasterTrack Certificates-

Cost: Starts from $2000 per course.

MasterTrack Certificates-

Benefits-  You get to do a part of your master’s degree. This unique feature offered by Coursera helps you earn credentials while taking steps that count towards your Master’s degree.

  • Degree-

Cost:  $9,000 onwards


Benefits-  Earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree online in 2-4 years, depending on your course, without ever traveling to college. Just like college, you pay as you go ahead every year.

  • Coursera Plus

Cost: Pay $59 per month or opt for the annual subscription of $399.

Benefits: This plan gives you access to 90% of Coursera’s content. Take unlimited courses, and get unlimited certificates for yourself. This plan is a steal, making it my favorite.

NOTE- Coursera is offering a limited-time offer on the annual subscription of Coursera Plus. Get a yearly subscription for only $199 and save $200 with this offer.

  • Coursera For Business

Cost: $399 per user Annually

Coursera For Business

Benefits- As the name states, this option helps all kinds of businesses to train their employees or equip them with new updates aligned to their jobs. Companies using this platform can reduce their training costs by 24%. 

Coursera Business

Coursera for Business offers 3,000+ courses for companies that are looking to keep their employees in their respective departments updated. This subscription is for small as well as bigger teams.

Coursera Business

You can choose from the monthly or annual subscription available for Coursera Bussiness. 

Coursera Bussiness also has a limited-time offer where the plan is available for 15% less. Choose the annual payment options to redeem this offer before it expires.

Note- If you are a business owner and your employee strength exceeds 125 employees, get a special quotation for your business today by visiting Coursera Bussiness. 

Which Coursera Plan Is Right For You?

Let us understand each Coursera plan in depth now. I hope this makes it easier to choose the best plan that suits your needs.

  • Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus is suitable for anyone who plans to complete a specialization or finish multiple courses. With the Plus subscription, you save by not paying individually for every course or certificate.

  • Coursera Individual Courses

Individual courses benefit you if you only have one course to finish on this platform. Also, I recommend this option if you want lifetime access to the course and its study material. However, this option is expensive if you want to take multiple courses.

  • Coursera Free Trial

Get the free trial if you want first-hand experience with a Coursera Plus Subscription without the financial commitment. 

Or a free trial is suggested if you want to do a short course, which will finish in under seven days. All the certificates you get during this free trial are valid even after your free trial ends. Make sure to cancel your free subscription before the 8th day begins, or you will be charged for the month.

Coursera Plus Prices In Different Countries

Coursera Prices in different countries are discussed below. Check the table to find out how much a Coursera Plus subscription costs in your country – 

CountryPrice (Local currency)Price (in USD)
UK£47/month or £322 annually$59.65/month or $408.75 annually
India₹4929/month or 33,272 annually$59.16/month or $400.13 annually
European Countries€54/month or  €368 annually$58.83/month or $400.95 annually
Australia$89/month or $603 annually$58.66/month or $397.46 annually
Canada$79/month or $504 Annually$58.67/month or $401.00 annually
Japan¥8,683/month or ¥58,721 Annually$58.64/month or $396.55 annually
Germany€54/month or  €368 annually$58.83 or 400.90 annually

What Payment Methods Are Accepted By Coursera?

Coursera accepts different types of modes of payment. Namely – 

  1. Credit Cards

Use a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, or American Express to make credit card payments. This payment option is applicable only for courses priced in $USD. If the course you desire is offered in a different currency, use options like PayPal. 

  1. Debit Cards

Master cards and visa cards are accepted on Coursera.

  1. Prepaid Cards

You can not use a pre-paid card to pay for subscriptions. A prepaid card (from one of the above credit card brands) can be used for one-time payments only. 

  1. PayPal

PayPal is the safest and the easiest way to do transactions globally. You can use this option to pay for courses made available by universities outside The USA.  

Financial Aid By Coursera

Coursera’s noble effort to make education accessible to all brings financial aid to those in need. To make a fair decision, Coursera considers each applicant’s financial background, employment status, and educational background.

This aid becomes available to anyone after verification of the application form, which may take 15 days. If you are selected,  a confirmation is sent by email.

Financial Aid By Coursera

Financial aid is available for most courses, barring a few specializations. You can always check if a course has a financial assistance option by clicking on the desired course and checking the space highlighted by the arrow below.

Coursera Refund Policy

Coursera Plus offers a refund if you discontinue your subscription in the first 14 days(2 weeks) for whatever reasons. The 14-day refund policy extends to individual courses,  Guided Projects, and Specializations.

However, you won’t be eligible for a refund if :

  1. Two weeks (14 days) have passed since your original payment.
  1. You have already earned a certificate (for course payments)

Is It Worth To Pay For Coursera?

Coursera offers an Ivy League experience at your home. You get to learn and earn a degree at your own pace. The Investment for a bright career and an impressive CV makes Coursera worth paying for. 

In my personal experience, Coursera has helped me improve my skills. I could drastically improve my knowledge of a specific subject in law and psychology and, at the same time, develop soft skills.

So Coursera is definitely worth paying for!

Final Verdict — Access All The Courses With The Coursera Plus Subscription

Coursera, hands down, is the most legitimate learning platform out there. The cost justifies itself because of Coursera’s high-quality instructors and valid certificates.

Get the Coursera Plus today and save $200, or you claim Coursera Plus free trial. Start your journey of advancing in your career by finishing at least one short course every month. This offer will help you gain more knowledge and increase your money’s worth.

FAQs On Coursera Cost

How much does Coursera certification cost?

Coursera’s Professional Certificates start from $39/Month.

Can I get a job with a Coursera certificate?

The Coursera certificate strengthens your CV, enhancing your chances of getting selected for a job. 

Do Coursera certificates expire?

Just like any other certificate, Coursera certificates don’t expire. However, upgrading yourself by regularly doing new courses in your field is essential.

How much does the Google IT certification cost on Coursera?

The Google IT Support Certificate costs $49 per month on Coursera. A free 7-day trial is also available for this course.

Are Coursera certificates free?

Coursera offers free and paid courses in various educational departments. You can take a course for free but will have to pay a fee to get the certificate.

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