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May 16, 2024

Coursera has been life-changing for a lot of its users, proving that the Coursera certificates are worth it. However, are they REALLY worth paying for?

Coursera reports 77% of learners report career benefits through their courses, and seeing this number, I wanted to opt for a Coursera course. 

With multiple options, I narrowed down my pick and went with a few options. And in this article, I share my honest opinion of this platform and a few hacks on how to make more from your Coursera certificates while paying less. 

So, let us dive right into it and find out what these certificates offer.

Quick Verdict On Coursera Certificates:

Coursera certificates are worth it. Coursera certificates help you gain knowledge and strengthen your CV. Increasing your chances of being selected as a good candidate for your desired school or job.

Coursera Certificates Pros and cons

There are lots of favorable aspects of Coursera Certificates. 

Full disclosure- Coursera is one of my favorite online learning platforms, but it also has a flip side.


  • Hosts 300+ universities and companies 
  • Makes your CV attractive
  • Gain knowledge at your pace
  • Great way to measure Progress
  • Demonstrates commitment to learning and professional development


  • Time-Consuming
  • Expensive
  • Not the same as going to college
  • Not all course certificates have the option of financial aid or verification.

Coursera Certificate- Cost & Types

Coursera has various learning structures. See the table below and decide which certificate course suits your time, budget, educational, or career goals.

CertificatesTime Taken Cost (In USD)
Free Course(May Vary) Starts $9.99
Professional Program2-6 months$39- $99
MasterTrackĀ® 4-7 months$2,000- $5,000
University Certificate6-12 months$1,000-$3,000
Coursera Bussiness(May Vary)$399 per head / P.A. 

Some Coursera courses are free. However, you will have to incur a fee if you want a certificate of completion for those free courses.

Some expensive courses on Coursera, like the University Certificate and the MasterTrack certificate program, have the option to be paid in 4 monthly installments. 

Note: Get to know about Coursera’s pricing structure with our detailed guide here.

Is Coursera Recognized By Employers & Educational Institutions

A global wave of learning through online platforms has hit the job industry and educational institutions. Everyone recognizes the effort and passion it takes to finish an online course.

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It - Overview

In research conducted by Coursera, it was found that 72% of employers globally were influenced when making the decision to hire someone due to the professional certificates on their resume.

Note– Check the stories of Coursera users here; you will see how many people have found a Coursera certificate helpful in learning a subject or developing skills for a job.

Can You Add a Coursera Certificate To Your Resume?

You can add a Coursera certificate to your resume. Adding a Coursera certificate helps enhance your CV.

Completing a Coursera certificate course shows you are determined to complete a task and learn new skills. Hence, you must add a Coursera Certificate to your resume.

Coursera also provides its users a link to the certificate, which can be added to your LinkedIn profile or can be shared on any social media platform.

Best Coursera Certificate Courses – Top 5 picks

Coursera has an abundance of courses from different walks and fields. Coursera hosts courses for learners with varying levels of proficiency, such as Conversant, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. So, choose a course based on your field and your proficiency. Get a list of top Coursera Certificates here.

Below, you will find widely popular courses, and I hope you enjoy doing them and get a certificate for the same- 

1. Meto iOS Developer Professional Certificate

The brilliant folks at Meta teach this course. You will have to finish a project at the end of your course, giving you hands-on experience building an app.

Meto iOS Developer Professional Certificate

2. Supply Chain Excellence MasterTrack Certificate

Completing this MasterTrack certificate course will give you in-depth knowledge on managing product flow, information, technology, and finances to lead effective and efficient supply chain management operations.

Supply Chain Excellence MasterTrack Certificate

3. Calculus- Single Variable 

This course is recommended for all engineering, physical, and social sciences students. In this course, you will learn more about the Taylor series approximations and continuous forms of Calculus. 

Calculus- Single VariableĀ 

4. Psychological First Aid

Learn more about how to be a better and more active listener to your patients or clientele who come in for emergencies to the hospital. With this course by Johns Hopkins University, you learn what precisely the RAPID model is and how to implement it in hospitals.

Psychological First Aid

5. Music Education For Teachers Specialization

Berkeley professors teach this specialization. This course is a training program for teaching music in a classroom.

During the project of this specialization, you will learn to develop a toolkit to teach popular music genres, how to improvise, arrange music, and music technology.

Music Education For Teachers Specialization

How To Save On Coursera Certificates?

To save money on Coursera certificates, I discovered various hacks. Letā€™s discuss them in detail to maximize your savings.

Get the 7-day free trial first. Any course you finish during this free trial is not chargeable. You will just have to pay a charge for your course certificate. Make sure you cancel your subscription on the last day of the free trial, or else you will be charged for the month on the 8th day.

Coursera is running a limited-period New Year Discount. Avail this discount here before it expires and save $200 off on the annual Coursera Plus subscription, which costs $399 otherwise. 

Coursera Certificates

Avail the new year offer, which provides unlimited certificates and access to 90% of Coursera’s learning programs for just $199.

Another way to make significant savings on the Coursera platform is to sign up for an Annual subscription instead of a monthly one. If you are doing courses that stretch across a period of 6 months or above, I recommend you get the annual subscription at $399.

If you opt for the monthly plan, you will pay $59 every month, totaling $708 for 12 months. So if you pay for the annual plan instead, you save $309 instantaneously. You can also make use of the Coursera Plus Free Trial and access all the courses for 7 days for free.

User Reviews & Testimonials Of Coursera

Now, let’s look at what Courseraā€™s regular users say about the platform.

“Learning isn’t just about being better at your job: it’s so much more than that. Coursera allows me to learn without limits.” -Chaitanya A.

Testimonials Of Coursera

“I directly applied the concepts and skills I learned from my courses to an exciting new project at work.” –Jennifer J.

“When I need courses on topics that my university doesn’t offer, Coursera is one of the best places to go.” –Larry W.Ā 

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The Bottom Line: Yes, Coursera Certificated Has a Value!

Coursera offers a variety of courses in every field, making it a quality option among its competitors. Its associations with Ivy League schools and industry heavyweights are beneficial to all learners.

Employers are also keeping up with the changing tide in education and value Coursera now more than ever.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Coursera subscription today, take a leap, and accelerate your professional and educational journey.  


Does a Coursera certificate have value?

Yes, a Coursera certificate has value. It shows that you possess specific skills and knowledge.

Is a certificate from Coursera recognized?

Coursera certificates are recognized by employers and hiring managers across the globe. Check this study conducted by Coursera, which shows how well-known these certificates are.

Do employers take Coursera certificates seriously?

Coursera certificates are recognized by employers worldwide. Coursera certificates reveal your passion for learning and finishing tasks, making them a serious deal for employers.

Are Coursera certificates worth putting on your resume?

Coursera certificates are worth putting on your resume as they speak for themselves. These course certificates display your potential to perform job-related skills, making you an attractive employee in the eyes of your hiring manager.

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