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April 4, 2024

Coursera stands out as a learning platform because the best schools and organizations offer various certificate courses. However, the answer to the real question of whether employers recognize Coursera Certificates is neither black nor white. 

The high-quality courses and superior teachers make the certificates awarded by this platform legitimate and popular amongst learners and employers.

Let’s dig deeper and understand if these certificates are still relevant in 2024 and what employers and learners opine about them. 

Do Employers Recognize Coursera Certificates?

Employers’ opinions about Coursera certificates may differ based on what position they are hiring you for or their point of view.

You can hate them, but you can’t avoid them! Globally, hiring managers have acknowledged the presence of online courses and certificates. Many employers use these certificates to pick out suitable candidates.

Let’s examine the Coursera Professional Certificate’s influence on the hiring process below.

Is Coursera Recognized By Employers - Overview

Coursera certificates are a valuable addition to a job seeker’s skillset. Certificates are a great way to show that you’re motivated to learn new skills and willing to invest in your development.

Can You Get A Job With A Coursera Certificate?

Coursera certificates are very beneficial as they help you strengthen your CV. 

However, you must remember that you need more than these certificates to get a job. You must focus on overall development to get selected for your dream job. 

Additionally, prepare good interview strategies and improve your communication skills to be on the top of your game.

Employers Recognizing Coursera Certificates: User Opinions

While researching employers’ opinions on the Coursera certificate, I stumbled upon users who shared their experiences and views on the Coursera Certificates. Here are a few that were helpful- 

User Opinions

Mustafa Habib narrates how he and his interviewer built a connection due to his Coursera certificate.

Kevin Stock

Similarly, Kevin Stock points out how employers view online education and Coursera certificates. He rightly points out that Coursera certificates demonstrate a person as a learner and someone who is intrinsically motivated.


On the other hand, HypnotizedPotato on Reddit gives the most honest answer. It shows how Coursera certificates can be used to improve skills, how some organizations might care, and some might not care about Coursera certificates.

Things To Know Before Opting For Coursera Certificates

Here are some lesser-known facts about Coursera that are worth considering before you make any decisions. 

  • Free courses

Coursera offers 1700 free courses. If you are not looking for a certificate but are on Coursera only for self-improvement, you can take these courses for free. However, if you decide you need the certificates, you will have to bear their cost.

  • Financial aid

Coursera offers financial aid to the unprivileged. Coursera is making an effort to make education accessible to all. If you can’t afford a certificate course, apply for the financial aid program by filling out a simple application form. Financial aid is unavailable for all the courses, so check for the option pointed out by the arrow below.

Financial aid
  • Monthly and Annual subscriptions & offers

If you plan to do more than one course on this platform, you must get the monthly($59) or annual($399) subscription plans to save some dollars. This excellent option gives you access to 90% of Coursera’s course material and allows learners to earn unlimited certificates.

Coursera Plus

Note- With the limited-time offer, get a Coursera Plus annual subscription for just $199 and save $200 here. You can access this offer from our Coursera Plus discount page here.

  • Assessments require a high score to pass.

To get your certificate, you must pass the assessment. You must score 80 % to get a certificate.

  • Long courses

Some courses offered on this learning platform are ten months long. So, you must consider how much time you are ready to invest.

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Coursera Certificate 

Pros –

  • Internationally Recognised
  • Huge Catalog of Certificate Courses
  • Makes your CV attractive
  • Sharable on social media
  • It helps you become confident
  • Financial aid for the needy
  • Specific job-relevant skills taught
  • Enables you to Advance in Your Career
  • Sense of Accomplishment


  • Some courses should be updated to keep up with the changing tide.  
  • Confusing Pricing
  • Not all certificates come verified
  • It’s not the same as going to college or school.

Cost Of Coursera Certificate 

If you are convinced to sign- up for a certificate course on Coursera, here is a quick table to familiarize you with the cost of different certificate courses on Coursera. You must consider the time commitment and cost before enrolling.

CertificatesTime Taken Cost (In USD)
Free Course(May Vary) Starts $9.99
Professional Program2-6 months$39- $99
MasterTrack® 4-7 months$2,000- $5,000
University Certificate6-12 months$1,000-$3,000
Coursera Bussiness(May Vary)$399 per head / P.A. 

Choose the one that matches your learning goals, and get started today!

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Conclusion: Most Employers Recognize Coursera Certificates

Coursera certificates are unavoidable in the employment market. All employers acknowledge their presence; however, whether they are essential to getting a job depends on your hiring manager.

Coursera certificates have been helpful to many folks who were job hunting like me. To conclude, having a Coursera certificate has never harmed anybody. It only makes your CV look better and helps you get job-ready.

If you are building your CV or want to hone your professional skills, sign up on Coursera today and enjoy its 7-day free trial first!


Do hiring managers look at Coursera?

Yes, Hiring managers look at Coursera. Mainly for two reasons: One is to screen out bad candidates, and the other is to look for dedicated people who achieve regular updates in their industry.

Does Coursera look good on a resume?

Coursera strengthens your CV, making it look good.

Do people take Coursera certificates seriously?

Coursera certificates are viewed differently by different people. It all depends on what job position you are applying for and your hiring manager’s perspective.

Can you put Coursera certificate on LinkedIn?

Yes! Upon completing your course on Coursera, you will receive a link to share your certificate on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Are Coursera specialization certificates worth it?

Yes, Coursera Specializations are worth it as they provide you with knowledge straight from a professor from a top-notch university without having to travel to a different state or country. With this program, you imbibe degree-level knowledge while saving big on college tuition.

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