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April 16, 2024

Coursera Certificates jobs greatly benefit people who want to switch careers or even earn a few bucks on the side in 2024. 

For instance, you can do the Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate to become a front-end developer or hone your skills in digital marketing with Google’s Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate.

Similarly, there are plenty of paid and free Coursera certificates to land your dream job!

In this article, I’ll discuss various courses that I found through experts, research, and my personal recommendations. 

In addition, I’ll also share the job availability and possible salary options for each course. 

With that, let’s get into the details and help you explore all the certification options!

List of Coursera Certificate for 2024 (Editor’s Pick)

First, Let us look at the top 10 Coursera courses that are my favorites. These courses are curated to cover many fields, so you have many options to choose from.

Sr. No.Course Name Job OpportunitiesPriceExpected Salary
1.Google IT Support Professional CertificateIT Specialist, Tech Support Specialist, IT Support Specialist$294$56,000+
2.Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional CertificateJunior Cybersecurity Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst$294$119,000+
3.Meta Front-End Developer Professional CertificateFront-End Developer, Website Developer, Software Engineer$343$130,000+
4.IBM IT Project Manager Professional CertificateIT Project Manager, Technical Project Manager, IT Program Manager$196$117,000+
5.Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional CertificateMarketing Coordinator, E-commerce Associate, Paid Search Specialist$294$59,000+
6.Salesforce Sales Operations Professional CertificateSales Operations Specialist, Sales Operations Assistant, Sales Operations Analyst$147$49,000+
7.HRCI Human Resource Associate Professional CertificateHuman Resources Specialist, Human Resources Associate, Human Resources Coordinator$245$52,000+
8.Intuit Academy Bookkeeping Professional CertificateBookkeeper, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable Specialist$98$45,000+
9.Goodwill® Career Coach and Navigator Professional CertificateCareer Coach, Career Advisor, Career Navigator$98$48,000+
10.CVS Health Call Center Customer Service Professional CertificateCustomer Service Representative, Customer Support Specialist$98$37,000+

Now that you know the 10 courses that can help you prepare for a job, let us dive into the details of each course. 

Learn more about the skills you will learn, the number of job openings in the USA, and the median salary for each job mentioned here below.

1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainCustomer Service
Network Protocols
Cloud Computing
Encryption Algorithms and Techniques
Median Salary (U.S.)$56,000+
Course Duration6 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)503,000+

With no prior requirements, learn the required skills for an entry-level IT job with this certificate course. Learners will be able to take on day-to-day tasks in an IT supporter role (computer assembly, wireless networking, installing programs, and customer service).

You will also learn to use systems like Linux, DNS, Command-Line Interface, and Binary code. This course also helps you study for the CompTIA A+ examination.

 Google IT Support Professional Certificate

On receiving your professional certificate from Google, you qualify to apply for roles as an IT Specialist, Tech Support Specialist, or IT Support Specialist with Google and over 150 other employers like Deloitte, Target, or Verizon.

2. Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainCloud Computing Security
Computer Security Incident Management
Network Security
Penetration Test
Threat mitigation
Median Salary (U.S.)$119,000+
Course Duration6 months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)147,000+

In the USA, the demand and supply ratio of Cybersecurity professionals is reported to be unbalanced.

In 2023, the gap widened by 17.6 percent (480,000 vacancies left unfilled) and is predicted to grow even more. Making 2024 the right time to prepare for a cybersecurity job with the experts’ teachings at  Microsoft.     

Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

This certificate course will teach you the foundation of security, compliance, and identity solutions. My favorite part about this course is how your course project helps you build a profile for applying for a job and gives you something tangible to talk about in your interview. 

Upon completing this course, you receive an employer-recognized certificate from Microsoft, which will help you apply for jobs like junior cyber security analyst or cyber security analyst.

3. Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainHTML
UI/UX design
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Median Salary (U.S.)$130,000+
Course Duration7 months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)29,000+

This power-packed course will help you start your career in coding and building websites. Top Software engineers at Meta will guide you on how to build interactive web pages using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

You should dedicate 6 hours a week to finishing the course content and invest 2 hours daily in self-practice to refine your skills in designing page layouts using tools like Bootstrap, React, and Figma.

Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

Build a portfolio using your practice material and course assignments. Point out what you learned using this portfolio while applying for job titles like Front-End Developer, Website Developer, or Software Engineer.

4. IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainProject Management
Scrum Master
Risk Management
Information Technology
Median Salary (U.S.)$117,000+
Course Duration4 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)120,000+

Currently, the IBM courses are unavailable in the Coursera Plus Subscription. You must pay $39 per month to access the course content. If you dedicate 10 hours a week to this course, you can finish it in 4 months, costing you $156.

In these four months, you will learn practical skills and tools that IT project managers use on their jobs daily. Do not worry if you have no formal training in the field; this course is meant for newbies to learn the ABCs of project management at an entry-level.

IBM IT Project Manager Professional Certificate

Along with your course certificate, learners get a badge like the one shown below that they can flaunt on social networking websites like LinkedIn. This badge reflects the skills, principles, tools, and concepts you developed through this course.

Cretificate - IBM Project Manager

Use your newly acquired communication skills, leadership skills, project initiation methods, and risk management skills to apply for jobs as an IT project manager, technical project manager, or IT program manager.

5. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
Email Marketing
Display Advertising
Median Salary (U.S.)$59,000+
Course Duration6 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)213,000+

Google certificates are accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE) and offer nine total recommended credits. As per ACE, 75% of Google certificate holders reported a positive career outcome within six months of completion ( like getting a new job, a raise, or a promotion).

NOTE: This course is for job seekers and is recommended for e-commerce business owners.

You will learn the first principles of digital marketing. You will develop essential trade requirements to attract and engage customers, measure marketing performance using analytics, and grow a loyal customer base.

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

Finish your course project and assignments to apply for in-demand jobs like marketing coordinator, e-commerce Associate, and paid Search Specialist.

6. Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainSales
Sales Operations
Salesforce Lightning
Median Salary (U.S.)$49,000+
Course Duration3 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)13,000+

This beginner-friendly course will help you build reports, charts, and dashboards on the Salesforce platform. Learners gain knowledge and tips to manage accounts, products, quotes, and contracts using Salesforce Sales Cloud Lighting.

Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate

Through this course, you will learn how to make the sales team’s work more efficient and optimize the work of a marketing associate or sales development rep., accountant executive, or sales manager. 

A study conducted in 2021 predicts that services offered by Salesforce, which are used worldwide, will create 9.3 million jobs by 2026. This makes the course a perfect match for newbies looking to build a career as a sales operations specialist, Sales Operations Assistant, or Sales Operations Analyst. 

7. HRCI Human Resource Associate Professional Certificate (aPHR)

Skills you will gainEmployee Relations
Training Development
Performance Management
Compliance strategy
Median Salary (U.S.)$52,000+
Course Duration5 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)91,000+

This course is an excellent gateway for freshers seeking to build a career in Human resources.

The aPHR Course on Coursera helps gain the legal and ethical knowledge and skills required to be an HR professional. For example, recruiting employees, implementing employee policies synced with company values, and developing a positive work culture.

I learned a great deal about hiring, calculating employee benefits, and managing employee relations through this course, which I missed out on while reading law.

HRCI Human Resource Associate Professional Certificate

With this course on Coursera, you get exclusive access to Coursera Career support, which will help you get a job in the field of HR for roles like Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Associate, and Human Resources Co-ordinator.

8. Intuit Academy Bookkeeping Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainDouble-entry bookkeeping System
Bank Reconciliations
Accounting Concepts and Measurement
Median Salary (U.S.)$45,000+
Course Duration2 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)296,000+

Even though you do not need any prior experience in bookkeeping for this course, you must have basic knowledge of how to use Spreadsheet software like Excel, Google Sheets, or numbers.

This course is designed to teach you the basics of accounting and bookkeeping. This course will teach you how to interpret, make, and maintain a financial statement, which helps any business or organization to track finances.

Intuit Academy Bookkeeping Professional Certificate

By the end of the course, you will have mastered working through various accounting stages, preparing you for job roles like – Bookkeeper, Accounting Clerk, and Accounts Payable Specialist.

Note– This course is an excellent way to prepare for the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Certification exam.

9. Goodwill® Career Coach And Navigator Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainEstablish coaching agreements
Gap Analysis
On-boarding preparation
Occupational guidance
Resume Preparation
Virtual Coaching
Median Salary (U.S.)$48,000+
Course Duration2 Months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)29,000+

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), use this course as a crash course developed for anyone who wants to help people change jobs by coaching them in the right direction.

Thanks to this course, learners will also be taught the professional and ethical standards of becoming a career coach. In 2 months, you will be able to learn Career Development theories, models, and commonly used tools to assess career possibilities.

Goodwill® Career Coach and Navigator Professional Certificate

You do not need any prior degrees, experiences, or qualifications to enroll for this course. This course is divided into four parts to prepare you to be an entry-level career coach or navigator.

I want to give a special mention to part 3 of the course, which provides you with thorough information on how to support your clients. Career coaching makes an excellent career choice for anyone who wants to kickstart their side hustle alongside their job-hunting process. 

10. CVS Health Call Center Customer Service Professional Certificate

Skills you will gainCustomer Service
Task Prioritization
Time management
Median Salary (U.S.)$37,000+
Course Duration2 months
Number of Job openings (U.S.)826,000+

The demand for customer care representatives is enormous in the USA, and it is predicted to increase by 2029 (126,600 new job vacancies). This CVS Health professional certificate will increase your chances of working with CVS Healthcare customer care service.

Learners get trained to create solutions for customer problems and de-escalate conflicts over the phone. The project in this course is an excellent practical guide that will prepare you through simulations to face real-world issues that customers call seeking help for.

CVS Health Call Center Customer Service Professional Certificate
Image Source- Coursera

As you read this article, they are actively looking to hire call center representatives, making this an excellent option to earn some money ASAP. I also checked what people working as a call center representative had to say about CVS, and this is what I found on Glassdoor.

Call center representativ

Career Learning Path- Which Coursera Certificates Are Good For My Career?

If you already know what you are passionate about and would like to pursue a career in it but need to know what steps you should take to reach there, take the help of the Career Learning Paths on Coursera.

Career Paths on Coursera sorts courses based on different job industries and niches (like –  Graphic Design, Sales & Marketing, Data Science & Analytics, MBA, or Software engineering).

Career Learning Path

For example, if you want to excel in Graphic design, Coursera will curate a learning pathway with the best courses to help you improve your skills in the field, as shown above.

Use these learning pathways to acquire relevant knowledge and finish as many projects as possible to build a portfolio to get an edge over your peers.

Save Money on Coursera Certificates

You can save $309 on the Coursera Plus Annual subscription plan. When you sign up for an annual rather than a monthly plan, you will always save more by default. 

Here is the simple math behind it- the monthly plan will cost you $59, which adds up to $708 for 12 months. If you opt for the annual plan, you pay only $399 for 12 months, saving yourself a whopping $309. 

Coursera Certificate Pricing

I always urge all my readers that if any platform offers a free trial, you must go for it. Coursera provides a 7-day Free trial, too. During this free trial, you can decide if you like the course and find it worth it.

If you do not find the course up to the mark, cancel your subscription before the 7-day free trial ends, and you won’t be charged a cent for it.

If you are someone who can not pay for the courses on Coursera, Coursera also offers Financial Aid to the deserving and those in need. You can learn how to apply for financial Aid on Coursera with my detailed guide. 

Click On Enroll For Free

However, not all courses have financial aid options, so check the space pointed out above for the course you are interested in to apply for financial aid on Coursera.

You can also explore Coursera certification pricing in detail here. 

Can a Coursera Certificate Get Me A Job?

No. Coursera Certificates alone can not get you a job. Coursera certificates enhance your resume but can not guarantee a job, just like your graduation from school does not ensure one.

However, you can use Coursera to your advantage in three ways – 

  • To network with qualified instructors and peers to get jobs and career advice.
  • Collect as many certificates as possible, which will help show your hiring manager you are passionate about growing and learning.
  • Work on your soft skills to prepare for the interviewing process. You will find numerous courses that will help you hone interviewing strategies. Do these alongside your main course to make the most out of this platform.

If I speak overall, Coursera certificates are worth it, and if you’re looking forward to learning a new skill or upskilling, go ahead and give them a try. 

Testimonials- Coursera Certificates

I found a few testimonials online while researching how exactly Coursera certificates have helped people find jobs. I hope they help you too.

More On Coursera

Conclusion: Google IT Support Professional Certificate Is Our Recommended Course To Get A Job

This article on Best Coursera Certificates to Get a Job is not an all-inclusive list of certificate courses available on Coursera. I covered a few courses of in-demand jobs in the USA.

If you are job hunting, use this list of my well-researched top 10 suggestions that require no prior knowledge or qualifications to join the workforce. 

If you are still confused about which courses to pick, here are my top 3 recommendations-

  1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate
  2. Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate
  3. Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

I refrained from including too many IBM courses as they are not included in the Coursera Plus subscription, making it an expensive affair to sign up for each IBM course separately, so I have only mentioned one that I was impressed with.

Use the learning paths feature discussed above in your favor to build a career out of scratch with course suggestions from Coursera. 

Sign up for the annual subscription to start multiple courses and earn unlimited course certificates on Coursera today.

A tip before you go: You can also check if you can audit the courses. Doing so will help you get a quick understanding of the course without having to pay!


Are Coursera certificates worth it for jobs?

Yes, Coursera Certificates are worth it, as they are a subtle indicator to hiring managers that the course taker is a keen learner and passionate about their career.

Are Coursera Certificates free?

No. Coursera Certificates are not free. You can take a few courses on Coursera for free, but you must pay a fee to get a certificate.

Do employers honor Coursera Certificates?

Employers and hiring managers globally are keeping up with the changing tide in learning. Employers recognize online learning platforms and the certificates earned on platforms like Coursera now more than ever.

Which is the Best Coursera Certificate for Computer Science?

The top-rated course for computer science with a 4.9 rating and many positive reviews is “Algorithms I and II” offered by Princeton University.

Is the Coursera Certificate Valid?

Coursera certificates are as valid as any other course Certificates you earn from traditional learning institutions. However, whether to accept them depends on your employer or school. Always check with your employer or school to learn more about acceptance of online learning course certificates.

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