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April 5, 2024

I have been experimenting with online learning platforms for months, and it’s time to talk about edx vs Coursera. I have spent considerable time on Coursera and wanted a change, so I switched to edX. 

After using edX, I realized both platforms cater to different users. In this article, I have shared my honest experience with the platforms that will help you understand the differences in their courses, pricing, certifications, and more! 

Besides my experience, I have also gone through hundreds of detailed comparisons and reviews of both platforms so that you can make your pick easier. 

Let’s dive in and explore which platform is better for you!

edX vs Coursera- Quick Comparison (2024)

Check this table to find out what edX lacks compared to Coursera.

Price Starts$50$9.99 or $59/month
Best know forUniversity-level coursesPartnership with Ivy League and Industry giants
Free Trial
Refund Policy
Accredited Certificates
Mobile App
My Overall Rating4.4/54.5/5

edX vs Coursera:  Who Is It For?-  Short Answer 

edX is a learning platform that offers university-level courses and hosts boot camps for learners. It is an excellent platform for students to learn and equip themselves with new skills and trends in technology. 

On the other hand, you have Coursera, which also offers university-level short courses on various subjects (HR, Data Science, Psychology, & more)  and soft skill improvement courses.

Hence, Coursera is for anyone who wants to improve their overall life and career, whereas edX is for Techies only.

edX vs Coursera- Features Compared

I will rate each of these platforms based on my experience using them, and in the end, you will find my overall rating, which will give us a winner. So, without further ado, let’s compare a few essential features of edX and Coursera.

Course Tutors

Course tutors on both these platforms are incredibly knowledgeable and pleasant speakers. Some professors on Coursera have been teachers since before they started teaching on this platform. Their experience needs to be appreciated because they teach and break down concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand.

edX vs Coursera - Course Tutors

What I liked about both platforms is that none of the course instructors assumed that the learners might know certain concepts and explained each topic thoroughly and in-depth. This was very helpful for me when I was starting a course in a new field.

I call these tutors pleasant because I love how these professors speak slowly and clearly to ensure their accent or speed doesn’t hamper learners’ experience. Additionally, both platforms have motivating tutors, which helped me keep up with a course and not give up on it.

I could not pick my favorite for this category since I liked all my course instructors on both platforms.

My Rating- 


Course Content

edX is up-to-date with current trends in tech compared to Coursera. However, Coursera covers topics that are not available on any other platform. Course content on both platforms is high-quality, though.

Course Content

Another thing that these two platforms have in common is that both edX and Coursera provide step-by-step guides and learning pathways. The gradual introduction to each concept helps the course-taker avoid confusion.

My Rating-


Assessments And Passing Marks

edX and Coursera have different ways of assessing course takers. Depending on the type of course, Coursera conducts quizzes, assignments, projects, peer reviews, exams, etc.,  and requires course takers to pass with 80% marks.

edX also offers the forms mentioned above of assessments but requires course takers to pass with only 60% to advance. Making edX courses easier to complete.

Assessments And Passing Marks

The way I look at it is that even though the edX assessment is more straightforward to pass, I am not here just to get a grade or a certificate. I am on these platforms to gain knowledge and like a little challenge.

My Rating-



edX and Coursera both offer verified and accredited certificates on select courses. You will have to check the course details before you take up a course to check if it is accredited.

On request, both platforms offer Verified certificates, too. Verified certificates are nothing but a stamp that provides legitimacy to your course certificate regarding your course completion. It is essential to understand that these certificates are not an award or are not the same as a traditional college degree.


It is noteworthy that Coursera, compared to edX, offers far more courses with credit recommendations. Making it a winner in this category.

My Rating-


Subscription Models And Cost

Speaking of edX, first, it doesn’t offer subscription plans for individual learners. They do have a plan for corporate training and business of all sizes. The course taker can take a part of their desired course for free and then purchase it if they want to go through it.

Coursera Plus Plan

Coursera, on the other hand, offers various subscription plans. Users can buy each course individually or pay for a Coursera Plus subscription monthly($59) or yearly($399). 

The annual subscription offers many benefits compared to the single course and monthly subscription fee. I did some math and realized I would save $309 if I opted for the annual Coursera Plus subscription instead of the monthly one. Making Coursera an affordable option.

My Rating-


Note: Save on a Coursera Plus subscription with our exclusive Coursera Plus discount offer.

The Final Score

Based on all the parameters mentioned above, the final scores are-


Coursera is a clear winner and my favorite for its recognized and prestigious certificate courses and money-saving subscription plans

edX vs Coursera- Top Courses Recommendations

edX and Coursera both offer free and paid courses. Here are my top 5 recommendations from each platform.

Top 5 Course Recommendations From edX

Even though edX is best for its courses in the STEM faculty, I found a few courses on banking and finance interesting. Find them in my recommendation below.

CourseSkills You LearnDuration
LSE: Data Analysis for ManagementMake data-driven decisions, extract and interpret business insights for competitive advantage, Tableau.8 weeks
HarvardX: Introduction to Data Science with PythonFoundation of Data Science and Machine Learning, Python8 weeks
IITBombayX: Programming BasicsBasic programming, C++9 weeks
BrownX: Introduction to Engineering and DesignBasics of primary engineering fields like chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering3 weeks
NYIF: Intro to Stock TradingEssentials of stock trading3 weeks

Top 5 Course Recommendations From Coursera

Coursera has so many options that I struggled to decide the five courses I would like to recommend from the sea of my favorites. I tried, and here are my recommendations-

CourseSkills you learnDuration
Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjectsLearn, absorb, and retain information using easy techniques.15 hours
Management of Fashion and Luxury CompaniesBrand management and fashion12 hours
Chinese for BeginnersBasic pronunciations: Learn how to speak using a virtual scavenger hunt in China3 weeks
Bookkeeping Professional Certificate by Intuit AcademyBasics of bookkeeping and accounting measurements.2 months
Google Cybersecurity Professional CertificateSkills for managing security risks, Linux and SQL, and automating security tasks with Python.6 months

Check our list of the best Coursera certificates & courses to access more courses that you might wanna try.

edX vs Coursera: Pros & Cons

Now that you have a fair idea of what to expect from each platform, let’s discuss which provides its learners with more pros than cons.

edX Pros And Cons

There are many pros to learning on edX, but the cons weighed a little more in my experience. 


  • Provides step-by-step guides
  • Covers latest topics
  • Conducts regular bootcamps
  • Verified Certificates


  • No subscription plan
  • Expensive
  • Focused on Tech related topics
  • Fewer credit-based courses
  • No personalized feedback
  • Limited Subjects

Coursera Pros And Cons

While weighing the Pros and Cons of Coursera, I had to nitpick the cons. At first glance, I barely thought of any cons. Here is what they are.


  • Certificates recognized globally
  • Chance to earn unlimited certificates
  • Big savings on Coursera
  • Abundance of Free Courses
  • A variety of subjects are covered on Coursera
  • Affordable
  • Subtitles in many languages


  • Confusing Pricing model
  • Tech Courses need newer additions
  • Few courses require prior knowledge
  • No free Certificates

Testimonials: What Are People Saying?

Before I end this article on edX vs Coursera, I would like to quote a few testimonials that resonated with me the most.

edX Testimonials

Let’s start with edX first. I found many positive and a few negative testimonials from edX users. I have mentioned both below. Find more reviews on edx on g2.com.

Edx Linux course have been very educational.”

  • Christian J. via g2.com

EDx – One stop shop for skill building”

  • Sachin J. via g2.com

 “I do not like the user interface. It is less intuitive than the ones that I have used – Coursera.”

  • Verified User in Information Technology and Services

Coursera Testimonials

I found many reviews and testimonials about Coursera that shared a similar sentiment. Coursera seems to be a favorite of many like me.

“Best Site to Learn from Top Professors!”

  • Unzila M. via g2.com

“My preferred online education platform.”

  • Deborah A. via g2.com

“Coursera let me acquire critical skills on the go.”

  • Michael M. via g2.com

More On Coursera:

Final Verdict: Coursera Is Better Than edX

After careful research and months of spending time on each platform, I finally have the answer to edX vs Coursera. 

I like Coursera more than I like edX for one simple reason: Coursera brings more options in terms of payment plans and the number of subjects covered.

Coursera has helped me gain knowledge and soft skills, unlike edX, which I found a tad bit too technical for my liking. I also found the Coursera Plus subscription plan affordable and opened 90% of course content on Coursera.

Ultimately, both have free trial options, so you can sign up for them and explore which platform works best for you!


Which is best: edX or Coursera?

I prefer Coursera over edX as it covers more topics and subjects and is cheaper than edX.

Does the edX certificate have value?

The edX certificate is valuable as it shows that you tried to learn more about a particular topic and took actionable steps to upskill.

Which is more valuable: edX or Coursera?

The content quality of both platforms is high, and the course instructors are highly knowledgeable. However, Coursera offers course certificates from prestigious universities and organizations. Meanwhile, edX offers its own completion certificates and a few in collaboration with its partners.

How much does an edX certificate cost?

edX certificates start from $50 to $300, depending on the course type and length. The degree certificates are in the ballpark range of $2000.

What is the most useful course in Coursera?

Coursera is a host to Google for all its professional certificate courses, which are included in the Coursera Plus Subscription. These courses are popular and make Coursera very useful as a platform.

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