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May 9, 2024

Last year’s Coursera Black Friday deal was a huge hit, with users getting 98% OFF!

This year as well, you can expect better discount deals, and that’s what this article will cover. I will talk about Coursera Black Friday Live Status, additional discounts, some steps to redeem the available discount, and Coursera free courses. 

In addition, I will discuss Coursera subscription plans, help you choose an ideal plan for you, and, of course, go over the refund policy! So, let’s dig into the details:-

Does Coursera Offer A Black Friday Deal?

The Coursera Black Friday Deal is not live yet. However, they would be available by the third week of November 2024. So, to ensure you do not miss out on the update when the deal goes live, keep tabs on my article. 

Meanwhile, let’s check out the Coursera Black Friday offer for 2023:-

Coursera Regular PlanCoursera Black Friday Discount 2023Savings
$59 per Month$1 for the first Month$58

Current Coursera Discount: $100 Off For The First Year

As of March 2024, Coursera is offering $100 OFF on the first year of your subscription. (Only for new sign-ups!) 

Coursera Black Friday - Overview
Source: Coursera Plus

So, considering the annual plan worth $399, you get the exact subscription for just $299/ year. 

Regular Annual PlanAnnual Plan Post DiscountSavings

Indirect Coursera Discount: $309 OFF On The Annual Subscription.

When you subscribe to Coursera’s monthly plan, the annual cost for the subscription becomes $708. However, when you directly purchase the annual subscription, you get to save $309. 

How? Subtract the annual subscription ($399) from the annual cost of the monthly subscription, $708.

Can You Try Coursera For Free?

You get a seven-day free trial when subscribing to Coursera’s Monthly Plan

In that free trial, you can avail yourself of all the premium benefits. Let’s say you do not want to opt for the annual plan. In that case, you can also watch Coursera classes free of cost. 

Coursera Black Friday - Courses
Source: Coursera 

The best part is you do not need to sign up for any subscription process. 

Check out my top #3 recommendations to start your journey with Coursera:-

Skills You Will LearnDurationRatings
Python for data science, AI, and development. Computer programming, Data Analysis, and Python Programming1 to 3 Months4.6/ 5
Create Website Using WordPress: Free Hosting and Sub Domain. Web Development and Web DesignLess than 2 Hours4.3/5
Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills.Contract Management, Decision Making, Strategy, and Communication.1 to 3 Months4.8/5

How To Redeem Your Coursera Discount?

To redeem your Coursera Discount, check out the step-by-step guide mentioned below:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Select Save $100, which you will find at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Coursera Black Friday - Overview

Step 3: Now, click on “Save Now.”

Coursera Black Friday - Save Now

Step 4: Fill in the information in the signup box. 

Coursera Black Friday - Sign Up

Step 5: Select the “Join for free” blue button. 

Coursera Black Friday - Join For Free

Step 6: Enter your billing information and start your subscription. 

Coursera Black Friday - Billing Information

Coursera Plus Subscription Plans

Coursera Plus offers three main subscription plans, so check out the details below:-

Learn a single learning program$49 to $79Completion certificate and access to all the courses within a single learning program.
Coursera Plus Monthly$597 days free trial
Coursera Plus Annual$39914 days money back guarantee

Which Coursera Plan Is Ideal For You?

To understand which Coursera Plan is ideal for you, check out my breakdown below:-

  • Learn a single learning program

If you are using Coursera for the first time to learn a specific program, then this plan is best for you. Especially if you have no future interest in taking up new courses. Following are some features that you get access to:-

  • Access all courses within the learning program
  • Earn a certificate upon completion
  • Monthly Plan

Monthly plans are best for individuals starting with Coursera and not wanting to commit to it immediately. It will also help you understand the platform’s features and act like a paid demo. Some features that the monthly plan includes are:-

  • 7 days free trial
  • Access to over 7K courses
  • Specialization from 170+ leading companies
  • Earn unlimited certificates
  • Learn job-relevant skills with the help of over 1000 applied projects and hands-on labs from industry experts.
  • Choose from more than 15 professional certificate programs like Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Annual subscription

An annual subscription is a much better option if you want a demo to try out the paid features. Not only are you getting everything that the monthly plan offers, including a 7-day free trial and some of the additional features mentioned below:-

  • $100 OFF on the first year.
  • $309 OFF compared to the monthly subscription’s annual cost. 
  • 14 days money back guarantee

Access this offer from our Coursera Plus discount page here.

Does Coursera Offer A Refund?

Coursera offers a 14-day refund policy, where you can only request your money back within two weeks of your paid plan sign-up. 

You can visit the help center and check out refund policies by Coursera. 

Wrapping Up: Coursera Black Friday Deal Is Not Live Yet For 2024

The Coursera Black Friday Deal is not live yet. You can expect the Black Friday deal to go live by the third week of November 2024. Meanwhile, you can redeem the following discount deals:-

  • New Sign Ups: $100 on the first year of their subscription. 
  • Annual Plan Subscription: Indirectly save $309. Instead of paying $708 for the monthly subscription.

I keep this article updated with the latest deals. So, if the deal goes live, keep an eye on this page!


What are Coursera prices during the Black Friday Sale?

During the 2023 Black Friday Sale, Coursera offered 98% OFF. So, instead of paying $59, users paid $1 for the Black Friday Month. 

Are Coursera certificates worth anything?

Coursera Certificates indeed have value. In fact, within 6 months of completing the course, over 75% of Coursera Certificate Graduates have shown positive outcomes in their carers. Some users bagged a new job, and others received a raise or promotion. 

How to get Coursera Plus for free?

You can get 7 days of free Coursera Plus by subscribing to its monthly plan worth $59.

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